Tomb Raider Game Boy Advance
"The Prophecy" Maps Index

Below is a complete list of maps for each level of the Tomb Raider Game Boy Advance game. Click each link to view/print the map. For a detailed written walkthrough, see the main Tomb Raider Game Boy page.

Or, to download all the maps in a single zipped archive, click here: (177 KB).


B#/S# - button/switch   D# - door   F/D - hazard (flame/dart trap, etc.)
- door/gate (connecting doorways labeled with the same number)
- traverse (molding, ledge, etc.)
- ladder
- pit (hazard)
- spikes
- movable block
M - large medipak, m - small medipak, A - ammunition (shotgun or rapid bullets). Other unique items indicated on maps and described in walkthrough.

Prelude: PRLD

Swedish Levels

Level 1: GAZE
Level 2: MEDI
Level 3: HAXE
Level 4: PATH
Level 5: BONE
Level 6: TREE
Level 7: LINK (no map)

Cambodian Levels

Level 8: KURZ
Level 9: HELL
Level 10: WEFX (no map)
Level 11: MEMO
Level 12: HEAR
Level 13: FITZ
Level 14: ELRC (no map)
Level 15: CLIK
Level 16: MGSL (no map)

Italian Levels

Level 17: ROMA
Level 18: MONK
Level 19: AEON
Level 20: TIME
Level 21: OLIM (no map)
Level 22: LAND
Level 23: DART (no map)

Cult Fortress Levels

Level 24: HILL (no map)
Level 25: CHEX
Level 26: STLK
Level 27: MECH
Level 28: ARKD
Level 29: MUSH
Level 30: SPOK (no map)
Level 31: LITH (no map)

Credits: ARIA (no map)

I haven't made maps for some of the smaller levels. If it's not obvious what needs to be done, please consult the walkthrough for that level.

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