Tomb Raider Anniversary Time Trial Tips - Level 10: Obelisk of Khamoon

The following walkthrough was created by Eldin to help other gamers who might be having trouble beating the Anniversary time trials.

Before you start, be sure to review the General Time Trial Tips & Strategy if you haven't done so already. You can also find the regular walkthrough for this level here.

Time Limit: 18:15

It is very easy to get lost in this level. My suggestion is to replay it at least once in normal difficulty before starting the Time Trial. If necessary, make some notes to remind yourself where to go.

At the beginning of the level start by doing "Swan Dive Jumps" until you reach the first switch.

Take the Eye of Horus and after that jump into the pool.

"Swan Dive Jump" through this hall in order to cover more ground. But watch out for the wall traps.

When Lara is on the horizontal pole, as soon and she grabs it press jump button again and again without swinging more than once in order to save time.

Remember that artifact in this room with the timed pole? You don't need to get the artifact this time, but imagine that you do and try to climb to the top as fast as you can.

Make sure to "Fast Traverse" while climbing along ledges.

Try to jump after the first swing to save time, because swinging more than once wastes time.

Make sure to kill the mummies in this level, because they can throw fire and if you try to run from them, they will be very happy to hit you once or twice. Make sure to use your best weapon and enable the infinite ammo cheat.

Again, refer to your notes if you're not sure which way to go. It's easy to get lost in this level and you don't want to have to backtrack if you don't have to.

As I mentioned before, in order to be safe you need to kill all the mummies in this level, including this one here.

For me this room is the hardest area, because the traps are very annoying. Open your eyes and focus. When swinging past the blade traps, try to jump after the first swing, because not only you will lose time but swinging more than once, it is very possible that Lara will drop down and die. But don't worry if you die once or twice, there is still time to finish this level. Just try to relax and think positive.

Again, make sure to "Swan Dive Jump" through straight hallways like this one.

The important thing in this room is to slide down without activating the traps. If you do activate them, it will take much longer to get through, and you can't afford that now.

Once the last switch is activated, my suggestion is to pause a game for a while. This level can be tense, so give your self a break before starting the last part, which is to collect the artifacts from the Obelisk.

After you've collected them all, jump into the water. Don't forget to turn on the Infinite Breath cheat.

Make sure to tap Interact as you swim underwater to go faster.

"Swan Dive Jump" through this hall as well until you reach the exit from the pyramid.

We don't want a centaur to bother us here so go ahead and kill him. But if you are running out of time, then try to place the items without killing him.

Time trial completed!

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