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This game does not include as much unlockable content as the last two games, Anniversary and Legend, but there are a few bonuses to be had.

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Most levels include a number of hidden treasures, along with a single relic. In the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 games, treasures look like silver octahedrons (D8s to anyone who's played Dungeons & Dragons or similar role-playing games). The relics are golden orbs.

In the walkthrough text, treasures and relics are indicated in bold, colored type. The treasures are also numbered. For example, in the Niflheim level, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea chapter, the first treasure is listed as "treasure (11/26)." This means it is the 11th of the 26 available in the entire Mediterranean Sea chapter. There are 8 relics in the entire game. These are numbered (x/8) in the walkthrough. To see how your treasure hunt is going, access Lara's PDA. Select Area Info or select Inventory then Treasures. Either screen will show you the total number of treasures and relics available and how many you've found.

To pick up a treasure or relic in the game, stand over it and press Interact. Some treasures also require that you break a jar or vase in order to get at them. To do this, stand near the jar and press Interact to kick it. Then press Interact to pick up the treasure that is revealed.

Finding treasures unlocks various extras (i.e., concept artwork and, if you're playing the Xbox 360 game, certain achievements). Relics are actually useful, as they heal Lara completely and increase her maximum health by about 16%. So finding all six of them effectively doubles Lara's health bar.

NOTE: In the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2 games the treasures look like gold bars. There are fewer treasures than in the other versions of the game and no relics.


Treasure Hunt mode is unlocked when you complete the entire game on any difficulty level. 'Treasure Hunt' then appears in the center of the main menu where the 'Resume Game' option was originally. It enables you to go back and retrieve any treasures or relics you missed the first time through. Everything in the game should be as you left it, with doors open, puzzles solved, enemies defeated, etc., with the exception of respawning enemies and puzzles and environmental features needed to progress through the level. Some areas (e.g., Amanda's ships, the final area in the game, etc.) are not accessible in Treasure Hunt mode because they contain no treasures or relics.

To change levels while playing Treasure Hunt, open Lara's PDA and choose Revisit Location.

BUG NOTE: Starting a new game, either during the first play-through or after beating the game, can result in a bug in which any treasures and relics you found previously are missing. As far as I know, the only solution is to delete all save files (on the PC these are located in the My Documents > Eidos > Tomb Raider - Underworld folder). If you have the PC version, you may also need to uninstall and reinstall the game to start from scratch.

To delete save data when playing the Xbox 360 version using Xbox One backward compatibility, first, launch the game and go to the main menu (select cloud saves in the process). Press the View and Menu buttons together. This brings up the Xbox 360 menu. Select Manage Storage > Yes > Saved Games > Tomb Raider: Underworld. Then delete all saves manually one at a time by selecting each one, pressing A to delete it, then A again to confirm. Once all the saves have been deleted, press B repeatedly to get back into the game. You may also need to restart game, but that should allow you to start a fresh game.


There is only one unlockable outfit in Underworld: the white swimsuit (below). However, unlike the previous games, players of the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 game have a choice of costumes for Lara at the start of most levels. These are detailed in the walkthrough and shown on this page of snapshots.

In the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2 games, there is only one default outfit available the first time you play each level. The alternate outfits, including the swimsuit, are only available after completing the game and starting a second run-through in Treasure Hunt mode).

Completing PC/PS3/Xbox game on any difficulty setting unlocks the swimsuit in the Mediterranean level. Actually choosing it to wear is a little complicated, though. First, choose Treasure Hunt from the main menu. The Mediterranean level will load automatically, but at this point you won't have a choice of outfits. Once the level loads, open Lara's PDA and choose Revisit Location. Pick any other level. Then, when gameplay begins, open the PDA again. This time choose Mediterranean Sea. when the level loads for the second time, you should be able to choose between the Wetsuit and the Swimsuit.

Two bonus costume packs are available as free exclusive downloads for the Xbox 360. Players can obtain them through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. One pack features classic Anniversary and Legend outfits, the other has two alternate wetsuit designs. Once downloaded, these costumes they will automatically be added to the outfit selection screen that appears at the beginning of every level except the Mediterranean. To select the new outfits for that level you must load the game through the Revisit Location feature in Treasure Hunt mode.

Custom Outfits/Skins & Modding: In addition to the official costumes available in the game, players can also download and create their own custom outfits using various texture editing tools. I don't cover modding on this site, but Tomb Raider HUB and are good places to start if you're interested.


Completing levels and collecting items in the game unlocks various artwork in the Extras menu. Here's a list of what's available and how to access it:

Zip & Winston Concept Art

Complete Prologue

Mediterranean & Amanda Evert Concept Art

Complete Mediterranean Sea level

Thailand & Alister Concept Art

Complete Coastal Thailand level

Croft Manor & Doppelganger Concept Art

Complete Croft Manor level

Mexico and Mercenaries Concept Art

Complete Southern Mexico level

Jan Mayen & Gear/Artifacts Concept Art

Complete Jan Mayen Island level

Amanda's Ship & Natla Concept Art

Complete Andaman Sea level

Arctic Sea & Amelia Croft Concept Art

Complete Arctic Sea level

Game Flow Storyboards

Complete game on Master Survivalist difficulty level

Creatures Concept Art

Collect all treasures

Lara Croft Concept Art

Collect all relics

You can also download a complete collection of the unlockable storyboards and concept art here:

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