Sanctuary of Flame Detail - Back with the Crystal

After getting the Fire Crystal, turn around and walk partway down the steps. Jump from about the third step from the bottom to the first block in the lava pool. From there, turn right and jump to the first floating platform. Grab the floating platform above, pull up and turn to the left.

Jump to the next set of floating platforms. From there, turn left again (toward the middle of the pool) and jump down to the next set of platforms (one floater joined to one that is anchored).

Stand on the solid block for a moment and new platforms will appear ahead. This is not a bridge. There's a gap between the last two blocks. So step out onto the first floating block and then jump to the solid one.

More floating platforms appear to the left. Jump over to them.

Another floating platform appears ahead. Walk to the end of the three joined floaters and jump over to the single one. From there, jump to the solid blocks near the exit.

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