Sacred Lake - Possible Solutions for Game Crash During Cutscene

Some players have reported that the game crashes during the cutscene in which Lara uses the SUN TALISMAN to activate the electric obelisks. Here are some possible solutions:

  1. Press Esc or Look to skip the cutscene.

  2. Disable bump mapping on the game Setup screen.
  1. If you're playing on an older system or one with a very limited GPU, reduce the graphics settings and/or play in windowed mode. Go into Setup (as described above), select 'Software Mode' (under 'Render Options'), select the lowest screen resolution (under 'Output Resolution') and (if your hardware permits) check 'Windowed Mode'. Save these settings and play through the trouble spot. If this works to prevent the crash, you can then save your game, return to your original settings and continue playing.

  2. If none of these work, you can download a save file. For help downloading and installing classic Tomb Raider save files, see here, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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