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Kills: 33 Items: 30 (34) plus 2 Tibetan masks, and 3 secrets

NOTE: Under items, the number in parentheses (34) includes the reward for finding all three secrets. The regular pickups here will include the UZIS, GRENADE LAUNCHER, and AUTOMATIC PISTOLS if you don't already have them.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

Catacombs of the Talion Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

OBJECTIVES: Make your way through the caverns to a large cave with a pool and cage. Here you'll find a Tibetan mask, which functions as a key, allowing you to enter the next area. The goal here is to find another mask and use it to open one of the buildings here. Inside that building is a switch that opens a door elsewhere, allowing you to reach the upper areas of this level, where you'll find a switch that opens yet another set of doors. Behind these doors is the last part of the level. In the final room, you must navigate a tricky sequence involving a timed door and some spikes. Once you pass it, you'll be able to climb down into the next level.

ENTRANCE AND DARK CAVERN: Jump down on either side of the stairs to avoid the falling icicles and head forward to the doorway. In the next room, along the left wall, is a crevice. Grab it and traverse to the right until you can pull up. Drop down behind the wall to find some flares and SECRET #1, the Silver Dragon. (screenshots)

Climb back into the opening and jump onto the slippery slope below, slide back and grab the edge. Then pull up and quickly press Jump to backflip onto the ledge behind. From here you can kill the Yeti lurking below. If he tries to hide in the cave, take a running jump across the gap onto the slope, slide back and grab the edge. Then dangle there for a moment to get his attention before pulling up and backflipping onto the ledge again. Or just drop down and kill him quickly with the Uzis.

At the bottom of the dark room where the Yeti was, pull the switch on the right side of the barred opening. (screenshot) This opens a painted wooden door above, letting in a leopard. Don't worry; it can't reach you down here. Use the ladder to climb back to the top of the room and dismount on the right. The leopard will soon appear on the ledge opposite the slippery slope. You may be able to shoot it across the hole in the floor. (screenshot) Slide backward down the slope once more, grab the end, pull up and backflip onto the ledge. If you didn't kill the leopard at first, watch out for it now. Hop down into the low area next to the stairs to avoid the falling icicles. At the bottom of the stairs, go through the wooden door you opened with the switch.

ROOM WITH POOL AND CAGE: As you go down the stairs toward the pool, 2 thugs with guns will come in behind you through the door at the top of the stairs. They appear when you step on or jump over any of the three steps at the top of the lowest flight of stairs. If you move onto one of the trigger steps and then roll, you can shoot the thugs as they come down the stairs. (screenshots) Then take their large medi pack, automatic pistol clips and 2 sets of Uzi clips.

NOTE: You can avoid triggering these enemies at first if you don't step on or jump over any of the top three steps in the lowest flight of stairs. However, you'll have to climb back up these stairs later, so you won't be able to avoid them entirely. Also, if you don't already have the UZIS, you'll get them here instead of one of the clips.

Cross the room and approach the small doorway beyond the pool on the right with weapons drawn. Two leopards charge from the dark, rocky area ahead. (screenshot) Go through the small doorway and down the ramp. In the room below you can glimpse the next area through the bars and also pick up a small medi pack lying on the floor. Grab it and return up the ramp to the room with the pool.

Climb back up the first flight of stairs and turn to face out over the pool. (If you avoided the 2 thugs that enter at the top of the stairs before, you'll have to deal with them now.) Jump over to the base of the stone ramp with the snowballs perched at the top. Run up the ramp to trip the snowballs, then side flip into the pool. (screenshot)

Climb out of the water and head for the rock formation near the small opening where you killed the leopards. Go around behind it and climb on top. Turn so the pool is on Lara's left and take a running jump to the snow-covered ledge opposite. Then follow the ledge around to the breakaway tiles with spikes below. Run across the tiles to the ladder on the wall ahead, holding Action to grab the ladder as the floor falls away below. Climb almost to the top of the ladder and backflip to land on the ledge behind. Turn around, jump to the top of the slope and pull the switch to raise the cage ahead. Slide down the ramp, jump onto the ledge with the cage and take the TIBETAN MASK (1/2). Doing this causes the trapdoor at the bottom of the pool to open and the water to drain away. (screenshots)

Climb down the ledges to the floor, drop into the pool, then down through the trapdoor. Follow the passageway, jumping over the trench lined with spikes. Beyond it is a gate. Place the TIBETAN MASK in the lock next to the gate to open it. (screenshot)

BUILDINGS WITH WOODEN BRIDGE: At the top of the ramp beyond the gate are a bunch of those pesky snowballs. The first avalanche is triggered when you step under the gate, the second a little farther up the ramp. To complicate things, 4 leopards attack as soon as you step onto the snow on either side of the ramp. One fairly safe way to deal with all this is to run under the gate and then quickly climb onto the ledge on the right. Then hop up onto the low ice block there. From this safe spot, you can then use pistols to kill the leopards as the avalanche rolls past. (screenshots)

NOTE: There are a few spots in this level, including the wooden bridge above this area, that you can't reach yet. You will get there in the next level.

Go partway up the ramp, jump to grab the edge of the wide opening in the left wall and pull up into the cave. (screenshot) The painted wooden door here doesn't open yet. So continue to the other edge of the opening, which overlooks a dark cave and a frozen pond.

FROZEN POND WITH FIREPOT ABOVE: When you drop down and move out into the open, 6 more leopards attack. If you advance cautiously, you can trigger them in pairs. Begin by running out just as far as the snowy ground. This causes the first 2 leopards to spawn ahead on the right and charge around the corner toward Lara. Don't wait for them to approach. Just quickly roll and run back the way you came. Jump onto the small stone block below the tunnel opening. You can shoot the cats with pistols from there. When you pass under the wide archway leading into the area with the frozen pond, the second pair appears in the dark cave. If you back into the archway, you can see them as they appear. Then either run back to the block or continue hopping backward while shooting. The last two leopards charge toward you when you go through the smaller archway near the frozen pond. (This leads into another open area with a WALL OF ICE.) If you jump backward while firing, you should be able to take them down before they reach Lara. (screenshots)

Alternatively, you can run around the corner into the OPEN AREA WITH THE WALL OF ICE, climb onto the ledge just inside on the left and shoot some or all of the leopards from above. You'll need to move fast, though, to avoid the big cats and climb onto the ledge without taking too much damage.

OPEN AREA WITH WALL OF ICE: Once the coast is clear, go through the archway where the last pair of leopards emerged and climb onto the rock outcropping just inside on the left. On the other side of these rocks is a small cave with a pool of water. Swim down and pick up another TIBETAN MASK (2/2). (screenshots)

NOTE: There's a bright object sitting on a little underwater platform beyond the barred opening. You can also see it under the ice in the next room. This is a GONG HAMMER, which you won't be able to get until the next level.

Climb back out of the water and pull up onto the snowy ledge. There are 2 armed thugs waiting below. Take care of them and steal their small medi pack, Uzi clips and 2 sets of automatic pistol clips.

Return through the area with the FROZEN POND to the dark area on the left where you just fought the leopards. Use the low block to climb back into the cave Then drop down on the other side into the area with the BUILDINGS AND WOODEN BRIDGE. Go around the left side of the building with the red trim. Climb the ladder on the back wall and retrieve 2 pairs of grenades from the ledge. Drop down and use the TIBETAN MASK to open the door. (screenshot)

PITCH-DARK ROOM WITH YETIS: There are 4 Yetis in this very dark room. Fortunately they're caged and can't get out until you free them. So, if you want to, you can save the game and explore the room using flares to see what's what. Then reload and continue so you won't waste any flares.

From the entrance, follow the left wall to the corner. Turn right and continue forward, keeping the wall on Lara's left, until you come to a series of gaps in the floor. Jump across the first 2 gaps to the center ledge, where there's a brazier (not yet lit) and a switch. When you pull the switch, the braziers ignite, providing a little light but not much. The Yeti cages on the lower level open, along with the bars along the wall beside the switch, and grates extend in the gaps between the ledges. This means the Yetis will be able to reach Lara. If you like, you can try and run back to the entrance, jump into the doorway and run outside. The Yetis will be able to follow, but you can shoot them as they come through the door, and there's more light and room to maneuver outdoors. (screenshots)

Alternatively, draw powerful weapons, like the Uzis, and shoot the Yetis as they come up the stairs toward Lara. If any of them manage to reach her, hop down to the floor and continue shooting as they stupidly take the stairs down. One Yeti may not attack at first and instead lurk inside the cage opposite the entrance. If so, you'll have to go in and draw it out. When they're all dead, claim your reward: There's a pair of grenades on the floor in one of the small doorways to the left of the switch. Downstairs in the cages you'll find 2 large medi packs, 2 pairs of grenades and 2 sets of Uzi clips.

NOTE: The grenades in the doorway near the switch will be the GRENADE LAUNCHER if you've somehow missed it thus far.

On the upper level, in the corner to the right of the switch, is a movable block. Pull/push it into the first of the small doorways with the gates above. In the room beyond is a second switch. Pull it to open the painted wooden door in the cave opening near the FROZEN POND AND FIREPOT area. This switch also closes the four gates, preventing you from exiting this room unless you have first moved the stone block under one of the gates.

Return outside through the same door where you entered (i.e., on the upper level in the far right corner when Lara's back is toward the room with the gates and switch). Just outside on the left, 3 bad guys try to stop you. If you're low on health or ammo, you can run back into the Yeti room and shoot them from relative safety. They're carrying 2 boxes of shotgun shells, 2 sets of automatic pistol clips, Uzi clips and small medi pack.

NOTE: If you don't yet have the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, you'll get them here instead of clips.

DOOR WITH FACE AND WOODEN BRIDGE: Head back outside to the ramp where you triggered the rolling snowballs earlier. Jump from the step beside the ramp to grab the ledge and pull up into the cave, just like you did before. The painted wooden door here should now be open. Go through and cross the first section of wooden bridge. When you step into the doorway between the two bridge sections, the snowballs perched up ahead begin to roll. Quickly move onto the ledge on the left just beyond the doorway and wait for the snowballs to pass. Then continue to the end of the bridge and turn right. Lara will now be overlooking the OPEN AREA WITH THE WALL OF ICE. Take a running jump to grab the ladder hanging from the cavern ceiling. Climb to the top. (screenshots)

SERIES OF ICY POOLS: Jump up the short slope into a room with an opening over water. Drop through into the pool below. (This is pool is apparently formed by a spring that has been dammed by the ice wall you saw earlier.) Swim to the edge, climb out of the water quickly and kill the 3 fish that would try to nibble on Lara.

Swim through the opening at one end of the pool into the next cave. Don't bother getting out on the icy bank on the right, since there's nothing there but falling icicles. Instead continue forward and around to the left. Climb out of the water on the snowy ledge between this cave and the next. Turn around and you'll see a ladder above you. Stand underneath it and jump straight up to grab it. Climb nearly to the top, then do a backflip off the ladder to land on the ledge behind you. (This jump can be tricky. To set it up, climb all the way to the top of the ladder. Then back down one rung, so Lara's feet are on the seam between the top two ladder textures. Now just press Jump to do the backflip and land on the ledge.) Here you'll find SECRET #2, the Jade Dragon. Pick up the secret and walk back to the edge of the slope. Step off, slide and jump to grab the ladder. Then climb back down. (screenshots)

At the bottom of the ladder, turn around and continue through the water into the last cave. The large doors at the far end are closed. Climb up on the block in front of them and take a running jump to grab the bottom of the ladder hanging from the cave ceiling. (screenshot) Climb almost to the top and backflip to land on a ledge behind you. Use the switch to open the big doors below and then drop back into the pool.

Enter the room and kill the leopard that charges from the left. Then pull the switch on the side of the block to open the main doors back at the BUILDINGS AND RAMP. To get back there, continue through this room to the opening overlooking the hanging firepot. Walk out onto the ledge to the right of the firepot. Take a running jump to land on the slanted blocks below and slide to the ground. (screenshot)

To get back to the doors at the top of the ramp, return through the dimly lit cave where you fought the leopards earlier. Use the low block in the corner to climb up into the cave opening. Drop down on the other side near the ramp.

AREA BEYOND THE DOORS AT THE TOP OF THE RAMP: The doors at the top of the ramp should now be open. Advance cautiously, since there's a wide gap in the floor just inside the doorway and 3 leopards lurking in the room below. You can see them better if you drop a flare into the hole. Then, either try and shoot them from above by dangling from the edge and pulling up and/or jumping back and forth across the opening to get their attention. Or, if you're feeling brave, ready guns and drop in. When they're dead, retrieve some grenades, a large medi pack, and 3 sets of M16 clips scattered around the room. When you flip the switch to open the side doors, a fourth leopard enters through the door on the left (when facing the switch alcove). Kill it and head back outside. (screenshots)

Return to the top of the ramp, go through the big doors and take a running jump across the gap. Note the snowballs perched on the hilltops ahead and to the left. You'll need to bring these down in order to proceed. First, position Lara at the base of the wide slope ahead, near the middle of it. Jump forward onto the slope, triggering the avalanche, and continue to hold the Jump button so Lara springs back off the slope and lands near where she started. Immediately side flip to the right to land near the alcove with the gray panel of ice. The snowballs should then roll past harmlessly on Lara's left. (screenshots)

Now, to trigger the snowballs at the top of the narrow slope on the left, stand at the base of the ramp facing it. Jump forward onto the ramp and continue holding jump to backflip off it. As the snowballs roll down toward Lara, immediately side flip to the right to get out of the way. The snowballs will then roll by, breaking down the gray ice door allowing you to enter the next room. (Again, check the screenshots if necessary.)

Catacombs Detail

SPIKE ROOM AND EXIT DOORS: The following sequence is illustrated in the diagram at right, as well as in the screenshots linked to each section. Enter the room beyond the ice door. Here you'll see two floor tiles that don't match the others. These are pressure pads. Step on the pad on the left to open the door directly in front of it. This door is on a timer, but it's not particularly fast. Climb up into the doorway before it closes and enter the room cautiously to avoid running into the spikes ahead. Climb the wall on the left to reach the ledge above the 2 doors. Here you'll find SECRET #3, the Gold Dragon, and a bonus of 2 pairs of grenades and 2 sets of M16 clips if this is your third secret. (The path to and from the secret is indicated by the blue arrows in the diagram and also shown in these screenshots.)

Drop down on the left side of the ledge (right side when facing out over the spikes). Approach the left door, which opens automatically, but don't hop down into the room with the pressure pads yet.

The floor tile just below the doorway contains an invisible pressure pad that closes the door if Lara steps on it. So, to keep the door from closing, walk to the edge of the raised doorway and jump forward to land near the snowballs. Then jump over the snowballs or walk around them to the doorway beyond.

Turn around to face the snowballs and the raised door on the right, which should still be open. The pressure pad near the snowballs opens the exit, on the far side of the room with the spikes. It is timed to close after about 8 seconds. To get through, position Lara just inside the doorway facing the snowballs (i.e., on the spot marked with a red "X" in the diagram). Now press and hold Forward and almost immediately press and hold Jump to take two continuous running jumps across the room (indicated by the red arrows in the diagram). The first jump will take Lara over the pressure pad and snowballs, opening the exit in the process. The second will land her in the doorway. (Pulling up is too slow.) Then you can run straight on through the exit before it closes. (screenshots)

If you don't reach the exit in time, just turn around and return to the doorway overlooking the room with the pressure pads. Walk to the edge, hop over the tile that closes the door and try again. If you accidentally step on the invisible pressure pad and close the door leading back into the spike room, use the pressure pad on the left (when facing the 2 doors) to open the left door, enter the spike room that way and walk through the spikes and around to the other door.

Once inside the timed door, jump to grab the ladder, climb down and follow the passage to the end of the level.

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