Tomb Raider I-III Remastered updates are in progress but will take time. For levels that have not yet been updated, I will continue to link to the ORIGINAL WALKTHROUGHS, which cover all the basics. Please check the introductory notes at the start of the first level for info on my process, modern vs. classic tank controls, etc. Note thatThis guide covers most but not all possible achievements/trophies. Follow this link for the archived classic Tomb of Qualopec walkthrough.


Updated: 5/29/24()

Secrets:Pickups: 8, including one piece of the Scion  Kills: 8
Save Crystals: 3 (New Game+ only)

NOTE: One of the regular pickups here should be the SHOTGUN if you didn't get it in the previous level.*

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

Tomb of Qualopec Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

OBJECTIVES: Find three switches to open the gates barring one of the doors. Go through this door to find a piece of the Scion. Exit the level the way you came.

LEVEL ENTRANCE: Follow the passage to a large room with ornate wall decorations. There are three other doorways leading out of this room: The one to the left has a series of three gates blocking it. You'll need to find switches to raise each of them.

Cross the room and start up the sloping passageway straight ahead. After you've taken about 5 steps up the ramp, the gate at the top closes, and a boulder drops from the ceiling and rolls down the ramp. Quickly roll and run down the ramp. At the bottom, run to either side to avoid being flattened. (screenshots) The boulder will roll across the room and into the passageway where you entered. If you approach the gate at the top of the ramp, you can see into the room beyond, but you can't get inside yet.

NOTES: If you're attempting the "Clever Girl" achievement/trophy, "Don't let velociraptors bite you in Peru," you may want to save here and before each subsequent raptor encounter. Then if Lara takes damage, you can reload and try again. If you'd like to learn more about the Toltec warrior and Aztec maize goddess statues, as well as the Chimú bird motif featured in this level, Tomb Raider Horizons publishes a fascinating series called "Arte-Factual," which covers art and artifacts from all the TR games.

Return to the room at the bottom of the ramp. Find the switch on the wall to the left of the passageway where the boulder went. Pull it to open the nearby door, then immediately roll and draw weapons (I like the shotgun here) to dispatch the 2 velociraptors (1-2) that charge out. (screenshots)

FOUR-WAY INTERSECTION: Follow the hallway the raptors came from to a FOUR-WAY INTERSECTION. (There's a save crystal here in New Game+.) Note the pictures over the doors: To the right a stylized face, ahead a sun, to the left a bird. (screenshot) Each door leads to one of the switches that raise the gates in the main area. You can explore these side areas in any order. Let's start with the right door (face).

DOOR WITH FACE MOTIF – MOVABLE BLOCKS AND SPIKE PIT: Follow the hallway to a small room with an ornate block. To the left of this block is an area on the wall that looks different from the rest. Push this movable block twice and you'll see another movable block on the left. Push the second block once to open up the passage beyond. Run across the single break-away tile (17/51) without pausing. (This counts toward the total for the "After Us the Deluge" achievement/trophy.) When you reach the other side you'll see the deadly spikes those tiles had been concealing. Pull the switch to raise one of the three gates back in the main area. Turn around and walk to the edge of the spike pit. Take a standing jump over it and grab the opposite edge. Pull up and return to the FOUR-WAY INTERSECTION. (screenshots)

DOOR WITH SUN MOTIF – COLLAPSING FLOOR AND WOLVES: Go through the doorway on the right with the sun picture above it. Proceed to an alcove with a break-away tile floor (18/51) and a switch on the wall. (Again, one more tile for the achievement/trophy.) The switch is useless so don't even bother trying to pull it. Instead step into the alcove and quickly hop back. The floor will fall in. There are 3 wolves (3-5) in the room below below. So turn around, drop and hang from the edge of the opening. Let go and as you drop, draw your weapons, so Lara lands ready to fight. Roll, jump, and dodge while firing. Don't forget to release and re-press Action to change targets, and use a health pack from your inventory if necessary. (screenshots)

When all the wolves are dead, climb onto the ledge at the top of the ramps. Find the movable block set into the middle of the wall. Pull it once. Then go around to either side and push it to reveal a passageway behind. Climb the stairs. Partway up there's a square depression containing a small medi pack (1). Grab it and continue climbing until you reach a small room with another switch. Use it to raise another gate back in the main area. Pick up another small medi pack (2) in the corner. Then drop down through the opening across from the switch. Head south to the FOUR-WAY INTERSECTION. (screenshots)

DOOR WITH BIRD MOTIF – SPIKES AND TALL SLIDING BLOCKS: Go through the doorway on the right with the bird picture above it. Follow this hallway to a room with a switch. This moves one of the tall blocks in the next room. Don't pull it yet. (If you already did, use the switch again to return it to the up position and move the block back where it started.) There's also a closed door to the right of the switch. Ignore it for now. Drop down into the next room.

NOTE: This puzzle is a little complicated for newcomers, the pages with screenshots include additional details, as well as visuals.

This high-ceilinged room has spikes on the floor in one corner and a pair of tall blocks decorated with bird designs. Lara can't push/pull these blocks or climb onto them from below, but they will move when you use various switches. There are also various openings, most too high to reach. Go through the doorway at floor level, on the left (south) wall, and follow the staircase up and around to emerge on top of the first tall block, directly opposite the entrance. Turn right, walk to the edge of the tall block, then jump and grab the opening ahead. Pull up. Climb up three more times and follow the passageway to a well-lit opening in the floor. Drop down twice onto a ledge with openings below on both sides. Drop down on the right (west) side, near the second tall block in the room with the spikes. (The east passage leads back to the entrance. As you climb down, you may hear the sound of the door you passed earlier swinging open.) Once on top of the second tall block, turn right, walk to the edge, then jump and grab the opening ahead. Pull up and use the switch here to reposition the first tall block. Then return to the room with the blocks and drop down to the floor. (screenshots)

Climb up into the doorway where you first entered this room (east side, above the low ramp). Now, throw that switch you didn't use earlier to reposition the second tall block. Go through the now open door to the right of the switch. Climb over the ledges and carefully drop down into the alcove near the second tall block. Take a running jump from the alcove to that block. From there, take a carefully angled running jump over to the first tall block. Now you can take a final running jump over the spikes into the doorway. Inside you'll find a third switch. Use it to open the final gate back in the main area. Examine the mummy in the corner. If you also took a close look at its twin in the Caves level, you'll unlock the "May They Rest in Ukhu Pacha" achievement/trophy. Then jump from the doorway, over the spikes, to the clear floor beyond. (screenshots)

Ready weapons, save the game if you like, and climb back into the doorway above the low ramp. Another velociraptor (6) will approach from the hallway leading back to the main area. One well-placed shotgun blast should kill it, but you can also use pistols and drop back into the block room for safety if necessary. It can't climb down. When it's dead, follow the hallway back to the FOUR-WAY INTERSECTION. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you've managed to avoid being injured by raptors in this level and the Lost Valley, you should unlock the "Clever Girl" achievement/trophy, but it does not happen immediately. You'll have to wait until the end of the level for it to register.

THROUGH THE THREE GATES: At the FOUR-WAY INTERSECTION, Continue straight ahead to the main room (with the level entrance and ramp/boulder trap). Continue straight across the room and into the opposite hallway. Pass under the 3 gates you raised. (New Game+ players will find another save crystal here.) Around the corner is a dart trap. Take a series of running jumps (or dive and roll—Walk + Jump + Forward) to pass safely.

SECRET ROOM WITH BREAK-AWAY TILES AND SPIKES: Before continuing up the wide stairs to QUALOPEC'S TOMB, take a detour for a couple of secrets. Stop on the second step. Turn left and step down just to the right of the dart pipe. Pull up into the alcove above. The door behind the statue opens automatically. This is SECRET #1. The floor is made of 8 break-away tiles (19-26/51) with spikes below, but there's a solid platform in the far left corner. (screenshots)

If you don't care about achievements/trophies, just run quickly across the center tiles then left onto the solid ledge. If you want the "After Us the Deluge!" achievement/trophy, you'll need to destroy all the tiles without falling into the spikes. Here's one possible strategy: Position Lara about one walking step away from the cracked tile nearest the doorway. (Any closer or farther back and she'll break the first tile as she jumps over it.) Save the game, just in case. Take a standing jump over the first tile, leaving it intact, and land on the center tile. Now keep running as you pass over each tile, forward, then right, continuing clockwise around the edge of the room until you reach the solid ledge in the corner. Catch your breath and pick up some shotgun shells (3). Check to make sure you shattered all 8 tiles before saving again or moving on. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you didn't get the SHOTGUN in the previous level, you should get it here instead of ammo. I haven't tested the alternate weapon pick-up points in the remasters, though. Please don't be mad if this is not the case, but do let me know.

Hang from the ledge with the wall on Lara's left. Traverse left toward the wall as far as you can, then drop, and Lara should land safely between spikes. (Or, if you didn't break all the tiles, hang from the right side of the ledge and traverse toward the other wall, then drop.) This safe corner is SECRET #2. Pick up the magnum clips (4). Then turn around and walk through the spikes to the area below the doorway. Sidestep into a clear spot, like the one directly below the right corner of the doorway. Step forward against the wall then press Action + Forward/Up to pull up without injury. Drop down on the other side, avoiding the darts. (screenshots)

QUALOPEC'S TOMB: Continue up the stairs to the tomb proper. In the center, on a pedestal, is the artifact you've been looking for. Notice how the mummy (7) standing to the left of the throne creepily tracks Lara's movements by turning its head. It will not harm her, but it does count as a kill if you shoot it until it falls, and doing so unlocks the "Mummy, I'm Scared!" achievement/trophy. (screenshots)

Take the FIRST PIECE OF THE SCION (5) and the ceiling begins to collapse. Head toward the gate on the east side of the room, which will open as you approach. Run down the ramp toward the large square room where you started. Keep running at a steady pace, or veer to the right to avoid the center of the room. The falling debris should then miss Lara. (screenshots) Continue straight on into the rocky tunnel. Move past the boulder and on to the pool. (NG+ players will find a save crystal in the passageway.)

NOTE: If you're achievement/trophy hunting, you will want to let Lara be crushed by the falling debris at least once, since this is one of the more obscure deaths needed for the "Deadline" achievement/trophy.

LOST VALLEY POOL (REVISIT): Larson, Jacqueline Natla's blond minion from the opening cinematic, spawns on the right side of the pool when you jump into the water. He doesn't seem very happy to see Lara. If pickups and secrets don't matter, you can climb out of the pool and snipe at him from the relative safety of the doorway, but once you defeat him, the level ends.

If you want everything, start by taking a swim. About halfway down, on the right (east) side of the pool, is an underwater tunnel. (No, it wasn't there when you played the previous level.) Swim inside to find a small room where you can surface to breathe and pick up SECRET #3, a large medi pack (6) and magnum clips (7). (If you've found all of the previous secrets, you'll unlock the "Codex of Peru " achievement/trophy here.) (screenshots)

The final pickup of the level is only for the truly obsessed. Swim back to the pool, head for the right (north) bank, and climb out of the water. Run past Larson (using a health pack on the way if necessary) and jump up and over the rocks, as if you were going to return to the valley. Larson won't follow. Keep going to the steep wall of whitish stone, climb up to find a large medi pack (8). You can't go any farther since the tunnel is now collapsed. So return to the pool and either jump out and confront Larson (8) or shoot at him from the sloping block near the cave opening until a cut scene ensues. (This apparently counts as a kill, even through it's really more of a K.O.) (screenshots)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 2/27/24 - First major update for the Remastered version. Updates made prior to the Tomb Raider I-III Remastered release, including credit for tips sent in by other players, are tracked in the original guide.
5/27/24 - Added running totals for the break-away tiles needed for the "After Us the Deluge" achievement/trophy.
5/29/24 - Added a note about the "Deadline" achievement/trophy.

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