HIDDEN CITY – Crypt of Chuki, The Weaver

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NOTE: There are five crypts in Paititi. Only four of them count toward the Speak of the Dead Challenge. You can explore them in any order, but if you follow my walkthrough, this will be the first.

CRYPT ENTRANCE: This crypt is in the ABANDONED VILLAGE northwest of the city, where you first met Etzli and Unuratu. (If you need help getting back to that area, refer to the Hidden City walkthrough.)

The entrance to the crypt is high above the northeast side of the pool, near the wooden diving platform. To get there from the BLACK WOLF DEN, swim back across the pool to the far right side and follow the path back up to the village. When you pass under the stone arch near the hut where you found document #19, turn around. (If you're coming from the city, rather than the wolf den, just head for the northeast corner of the village to find this archway.) Scramble up the wall to the right of the arch and move forward to a ledge overlooking the pool. Loot the condor's nest for the Keep Calm and Carrion Challenge. Then shoot a rope line into the beam on the far side of the pool and slide down. (screenshots)

Scramble up the rock wall to grab the handhold above. Climb to the right, then jump over to the craggy climbing wall. Climb to the right as far as you can, then jump to the next section of climbable wall, near the waterfall. Climb onto the ledge above. Here you'll find the crypt entrance and a platform for the High Diving Challenge. The crypt entrance is also the exit, so you can wait to dive on the way back. (screenshots)

Follow the dark passageway to a trap with a tripwire you can cut to trigger the trap ahead of you. Continue to a round room with a pool of water below. Lara says it looks deep enough, but don't dive in. Instead examine the mural (14/23), Chuki, The Weaver (Quechua/Resting Places), on the right. The wooden barrier opposite the crypt entrance won't open from this side. You'll exit here later. Go through the doorway on the west side, opposite the mural. Follow the curving stairs down to the room below, where you'll find some jade ore. Follow the passageway, scrambling under the already triggered spear trap, to the pool you just saw from above. There are murals on either side of the pool that Lara can examine, but they aren't "official" ones, so no new information is added to your Artifact collection. (screenshots)

FLOODED CAVERNS: Jump in the pool and swim straight down to the bottom, to find a survival cache (20/34) buried in a pile of stones surrounded by an eerie grouping of statues...corpses? Swim back up for air if necessary. Then return to the bottom and swim through the narrow opening to the east. Head for the trapped air ahead and take a breath. There's a barred doorway ahead on the right, but it doesn't open, so continue past it along the tunnel, around either side of a large, limestone column, and straight on to the next air pocket. Take a breath. Then swim down and forward to find a relic (15/28) Lord and Lady of the Dead (Yucatec/Pantheon of Gods). Take another breath if you need it. Then swim to the northeast corner of the cavern and up the submerged stairs to an air-filled room. (screenshots)

There's a spear trap just ahead. Cut the tripwire to trigger it. Then scramble under the spears. Just around the corner is an archivist map (4/7). Examine it to reveal various collectibles on your map. Then jump in the water beyond the map and swim down and to the right to find another survival cache (21/34). You're now on the other side of the bars you passed a little while ago. You can't get through there. So return past the spear trap to the submerged stairs. (screenshots)

Swim straight across the cave to the wooden barrier with the bluish light seeping through. Pry the barrier away with your axe. Then swim through the creepiest of narrow gaps and on to a pocket of trapped air. Beyond that, a green-lit stairway leads straight up to the crypt. (screenshots)

THE CRYPT AND THE EXIT: There are 2 braided rope barriers in the dark areas on the east and west sides of the room. If you have purchased the REINFORCED KNIFE UPGRADE from one of the merchants in the PAITITI MARKET, you can cut down the barriers and get the jade ore in each alcove. Then head up the stairs in the north or south alcove to find the sarcophagus. Inside area 750 gold pieces and a Vestige: Manko's Boots. After they are repaired and equipped, these boots will make Lara harder for predators to detect. (screenshots)

If this is the first crypt you have visited in Paititi, opening the sarcophagus will also initiate a Challenge: Speak of the Dead. There are 5 crypts in and around the city. You need to explore 4 of them to complete the challenge. One of the crypts is part of an optional Side Mission and is not included in the Challenge.

To get out, follow the stairs up to the south. At the top, use a rope arrow to pull down the wooden barrier. Go around to the other side of the round room and follow the tunnel back to the ledge overlooking the pool and wolf den. Do a swan dive off the wooden platform for the High Diving Challenge. (Maybe you'll complete it here. If not, there will be more opportunities later on.) If you're finished exploring this area, climb out of the pool on the left (east) side and return to the Abandoned Village Base Camp. Then, either follow the path back to the city or fast travel to wherever you left off. (screenshots)

[Hidden City Walkthrough]

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