Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Belly and Head of the Serpent Collectibles

Updated: 9/8/21()

This guide focuses on revisiting this level after you complete it. If you are playing through for the first time, you may want to follow the main walkthrough instead to avoid possible spoilers. Collectibles are numbered in the order they appear in the main walkthrough and on the annotated level map.

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MURAL 1 - Awaits (Homecoming)

This mural is the only major collectible in the Belly of the Serpent/Head of the Serpent area. If you missed it during 'The Hidden City' story chapter, fast travel to the Head of the Serpent Base Camp, which appears on your in-game map once you've cleared that area. The mural is located on the south wall of the room with the campfire. With the flaming oil now depleted, it's not possible to exit to the east, so use the base camp to fast travel out to wherever you left off. (Click screenshot for larger image and map.)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider screenshot

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