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Kills: 26  Items: 14, including Magnums and 1 Key
Save Crystals: 4 (Saturn and PlayStation only)  Secrets: 3

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

Colosseum PS1 Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

OBJECTIVES: In the first stage you need to get inside the Colosseum proper. Once you do, you must then find the switches to open each of the corner rooms in turn until you get the key to unlock the exit, which is in the royal box (that room with the furniture and balcony above the arena).

Follow the passage until it opens into a cave with a pool. Shoot the crocodile from the edge. (It won't come out of the water.) Then jump in and swim around to the left to the other side of the pool. You can paddle along the surface but swimming underwater is faster. On the far side of the pool is a large cave with a building, presumably the entrance to the Colosseum.

COLOSSEUM EXTERIOR: A lion is waiting near the building. If you can see it from the water, wait for it to go behind the building before climbing out, then kill it as it charges. The shotgun works well at close range, but you can also use pistols and hop back into the water if the lion gets too close. When it's dead, head toward the left side of the building and kill another lion.

If you don't care about getting all the kills, there's no need to enter the building. Skip to the next paragraph. Otherwise, come back around to the front of the building and go inside. The stairs on the right lead to a dead end. When you start up the stairs on the left, a third lion charges down at you, so backflip out shooting. The gate at the top of the stairs cannot be opened from this side. So go back outside and around to the right side of the building (left when facing it).

If you run along the side of the building toward the back, you'll find a pile of rocks you can climb on. From the top of these rocks, jump over to the ledge that runs around the building. Follow the lower ledge all the way around the front of the building to the far side and pick up a large medi pack.

Return along the ledge to the rear of the building. Climb on the low block, turn around and jump straight up to grab the higher ledge. Pull up and follow that ledge around to the front. Take a running jump across the gap in the ledge and continue to the end. Then jump diagonally to the flat spot ahead and to the right. Turn so the building is behind Lara and the pool is ahead on the right. Notice the well-lit cave opening below on the left. If you don't mind missing a secret, you can go in there now (and pick up the walkthrough below at the CROCODILE PIT). Otherwise continue for a secret.

SECRET CAVE: (This sequence is shown in a series of screenshots.) Look straight ahead and a little to the right beyond the jumble of rocks. That rectangular cave opening on the far wall is where you're headed. Slide down the rocks ahead and walk forward along the two flat blocks ahead. Now you should see a square flat block just ahead and below, a steeply angled block ahead and to the right, and beyond that, a little farther to the right, another flat spot. Take a running jump over the corner of the steeply angled block to the flat block beyond. Step to the right a bit and then take a standing jump to land near the cave opening. Enter and pick up some shotgun shells, SECRET #1.

Return to the cave opening and walk out onto the block in front of the door. Take a standing jump from the middle of this block to the flat block ahead on the right (i.e., back the same way you came). From there, take a running jump to the low, flat ledge between the higher blocks ahead and to the right, or to the slightly angled block beyond it. If you land on the lower ledge, climb onto the higher one. Walk up the slope and jump over the steeply sloping blocks where they come down in a V to land in the well-lit cave you passed earlier.

NOTE: If you miss a jump and slide down the rocks, climb up the building again at the back left corner and follow the top ledge back to the end. Jump across the gap and drop down into the cave.

CROCODILE PIT: Head into the cave and approach the pit ahead. Stand at the edge and shoot the 2 crocodiles from above. Then drop down into the pit to get the small medi pack. Climb back out at the right corner where there's a low block for a boost. On the wall above that block there's a horizontal crevice that runs all the way across the pit. (It's shown in this screenshot.) Stand facing the wall with Lara's chest against it. Jump straight up and grab the crevice, then traverse to the right. About halfway across the pit, pull up into a cave. This is SECRET #2, the reward more shotgun shells. Go back to the edge, drop back and hang, then continue to traverse to the right until you reach the other side.

Follow the tunnel to a hole in the floor where you can drop back down into the Colosseum. You're now on the other side of the gate you came up against at the beginning of the level. If you didn't kill the lion inside the building earlier, pull that switch to open the gate and the lion will charge out. (If you already killed it or don't want to, just leave the switch alone.)

ENTERING THE ARENA: Go up the stairs and get ready for another confrontation with Pierre. As in the previous fight with him, use pistols only, since you can't kill him yet and don't want to waste ammo. Approach to get a lock on him. Then backflip to a safe distance and jump from side to side while shooting. This minimizes the damage he does to Lara. Just be careful not to jump off the ledge into the arena below. Once Pierre has had enough, he'll run down the stairs where you entered the arena and disappear. If he doesn't, try shooting him a little more and then retreat down those stairs yourself. When you break line of sight, Pierre should then vanish. Maybe he just needs a little privacy to sneak away. ;)

When you've driven him off, look down into the arena. You should be able to pick off the gorilla and 2 lions lurking down there before you descend. If they won't come close enough to target, try using Lara as bait by hanging from the edge of the arena wall and then pulling up when the creatures approach.

NOTE: If you don't mind missing a few kills and one pickup, you can skip the next two areas: the LION CAGES and ROOM WITH TIMED GATES & PRESSURE PADS. Resume the walkthrough at the * below.

LION CAGES: Drop down to the floor of the arena and head for the northeast corner, where you'll find a doorway leading to a ramp. Ready weapons, slide down and kill the 2 lions at the bottom. Pull the 2 switches. One opens the exit from this room, the other a gate in the southeast corner of the arena. Follow the passageway to a pit inside the arena. (There's a save crystal here in the console versions.)

Three more lions will have been released above. If you want to, you can kill them from the safety of the pit by waiting for them to approach. If necessary, climb out to lure them near, fire a few rounds then jump back down to safety. Or, jump straight up and down to get a pistol lock on one of them and continue jumping and firing until it's dead. When the coast is clear, climb out of the pit.

Cross to the brown rock pile in the southeast corner. Another lion will charge, so take it out then go behind the rocks to the gate you just opened.

NOTE: Read ahead now in order to decide whether you want to take the easy or difficult way through the next area. Once you slide down into the next room you must complete the timed run to get out. To avoid it, skip down to the section marked with an *.

Colosseum DetailROOM WITH TIMED GATES & PRESSURE PADS: Enter and slide down a ramp into a room with three gates and a door. (The third gate is inside the room behind the second gate.) These gates can be opened using pressure pads and switches, but they are timed to close after a short time. So, in order to exit, you'll need to race against the clock.

First go forward to the second alcove on the right and find the pressure pad on the floor at the back. Standing on this pad opens both outer gates. When Lara steps off the pad, the timer starts and you have about 20 seconds before both gates close.

Stand on the front edge of the first pressure pad. When you're ready, cross the room to the gate on the left using a series of running jumps, which is faster than just running. Throw the switch to open the third gate inside the other room. You have about 10 seconds to get there before that gate closes. Press Look to get Lara's perspective back, then roll and run out and to the left, then in through the second gate. Keep going through the third gate into the passageway. Once you make it past the third gate, you can take your time. Pull this second switch to open the exit door. (NOTE: The path from the pressure pad to the first switch is marked with red dots on the diagram above. The path from the first switch to the second switch is marked in blue.)

Pick up the small medi pack on the floor next to the outer gate. Then step on the pressure pad to open the gate and return to the outer room. If you're too slow and the gates close before you finish, just step on either pressure pad to open the gate, run out and start again. Or reload the game if you saved here. Exit through the door you just opened and follow the passage to a spike pit.

*NOTE: Instead of sliding down into the LION CAGES or the ROOM WITH TIMED GATES & PRESSURE PADS, head for the spike pit in the southwest corner of the arena. Go to the far (south) edge of the pit and drop and hang above the spikes. Traverse to the left. Lara will get about halfway across but won't be able to go any further because of the rocks, as shown in this screenshot. If your video card shows shadows, you should be able to see Lara's shadow on the ground between spikes. Drop down safely and walk out of the spikes. Thanks to Dracman for this tip.

Walk carefully through or around the spikes (picking up a save crystal on the way). Enter the tunnel on the left (or straight ahead if you dropped down from above) and follow it to a series of stepped blocks. Climb up through the tunnel to an opening on the rocks above the arena.

ROCK PILE & ROOM WITH BALCONY: Turn around and make your way up the rock pile to the back right, where you'll find a box of shotgun shells. (Its location is shown in this screenshot.) Climb back down and go to the front of the rock heap. Take a running jump across to the other pile of rocks. Walk up to the flat rock at the corner of the building and take a running jump from there to grab the edge of the balcony beyond. (Both jumps are shown in this screenshot.) Pull up and ready weapons.

Kill the 2 gorillas inside. They will occasionally come up onto the ledge at the edge of the balcony, but most of the time Lara is safe if she stands there. Note the locked gate on the right, and the steps down to a closed door at the rear. You can't open either yet, but you'll be back later. (PS1 players will find a save crystal here. You can use it now or later when you return to this room.) Near the back of the room on the left is a gray, movable block. Pull it out twice, pick up the small medi pack behind it and throw the switch, which opens the door to the room in the southwest corner of the arena. Return to the balcony. Walk to the left edge and take a standing jump back down to the rock pile. Slide from there to the ground.

SOUTHWEST CORNER ROOM: Go to the southwest corner of the arena and use the stone block to climb up to the spectator area. Climb up the steps to the corner room. Kill 2 bats in the anteroom, then go through the door you just opened. Run forward into the pit, and the boulder will pass safely overhead. Climb out, walk to the edge of the pit and take a standing jump to grab the opposite edge. Pull up and go up the ramp to the room at the top. Throw the switch to open the door in the room at the northwest corner of the arena. Follow the dark passageway to a ramp. Slide down backwards, grab the end of the ramp and drop back into the anteroom below.

Exit the room and get ready for another shoot-out with Pierre. He emerges from the stairway on the west side, where you first entered the arena. This time he's got a lion with him. Deal with the lion first if possible. Then go after Pierre the same way you did before. Shoot him a bit and he should run back down the stairway. If he doesn't, or if he runs off toward the far corner of the arena, run after him (without getting too close), shoot him a bit more, then break line of sight by turning around or hiding behind something and he should disappear. When he's gone, proceed to the northwest room near the collapsed seating area.

NORTHWEST CORNER ROOM: Kill 2 more bats in the anteroom, then follow the passage to the well-lit room beyond. At the top of this room behind a timed door is a secret room. It's another tricky series of jumps to get there. I've included a diagram, which I hope will make it a little easier. I refer to areas marked with letters in the descriptions that follow. You can probably do it without the picture, but a visual aid may help.

Colosseum Diagram First, make sure the volume is up so you can hear the door open and close above (not essential but helpful). Position Lara next to the first pillar on the left with her back to the entrance and her left foot against the middle of the base of the pillar (A). Stepping on this spot causes the door to open above. Hop back once. Adjust Lara's angle so she's facing squarely toward the right side of the low square platform ahead (B). (Lara is shown in the correct starting position in this screenshot.) Save your game if you can. Now, take a running jump over the spot that opens the door to land on the low platform (B). As Lara jumps, release the forward key, but continue holding the Jump key. As she lands, press Right, then Back, then Left, then Forward (while holding Jump the whole time). If you've lined it up correctly she'll side flip off the low platform to land on the platform above and to the right (C), backflip from there to the platform above and behind (D), side flip from there to the platform to the left and directly above where you began (E), then jump forward to land on the ledge in front of the secret door (F). If you've done the jumps in one fluid sequence, the door will still be open and you can run through. This is SECRET #3, which consists of the MAGNUMS, 2 large medi packs and some Uzi clips. Pick up everything and exit. (The door opens automatically.)

Before descending, take a running jump to the platform on the left, where there's a switch. Use this to open a door in the northeast corner room. To get down, safety drop from the switch platform to the platform below (C) and from there safety drop again to the ground. Lara will take no damage.

NORTHEAST CORNER ROOM: Go to the room at the northeast corner of the arena. Vault up into the doorway you just opened. Use the switch to open the door at the back of the room with the balcony and the gorillas. Jump into the pool and follow the underwater passage until you can surface. Climb out and pick up the small medi pack. Find the movable block and push it twice. Go around to the right side and pull it once to open up an alcove. Inside is a RUSTY KEY. The key looks like it's sitting on a pressure pad but, as far as I can tell, this one is just decorative and doesn't actually do anything. Take the key and swim back to the previous room, then return to the arena.

There's now another gorilla down on the arena floor. Kill it before or after dropping down to the ground. Then make your way back to the room with the balcony. To get there, go through the ROOM WITH TIMED GATES & PRESSURE PADS in the southeast corner of the arena. (If you've already done the timed run, you won't need to do it again.) Or, drop down into the spike pit in the southwest corner using the safe technique described above at the *.

BALCONY ROOM (AGAIN) & LEVEL EXIT: Go to the back of the room, through the door you just opened, and get another small medi pack (and a save crystal if you're playing the PS1 version). Return to the room with the furniture. If you want all the kills, you can shoot 2 more gorillas that are now running around down in the arena. When you're ready to move on, use the RUSTY KEY in the lock to open the gate.

Jump into the water and swim down, then forward and up to a small square opening in the ceiling of the flooded passage where you can climb out of the water. Go quickly to avoid the crocodile, which you can then kill from inside this small room if you want to. Pull the switch to open the gate at the other end of the underwater tunnel. Swim through to exit the level.

NOTE: For more information about the carved relief featuring Greek wrestlers in this level, and other real-world items and locations featured in the games, check out the Arte-Factual series from Tomb Raider Horizons.

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