Lara’s adventure takes off literally seconds after "The Strenuous Escapade." Put in a very dangerous situation, Lara must summon every ounce of strength she has to survive. She must overcome extreme heat exhaustion and other injuries which create impediments for her.

When the situation changes, Lara’s journey takes a twist and leads her to somewhere completely unexpected in search of the truth about an Asian legend. Can Lara surpass each obstacle in her way and survive another escapade? She must rely on her premonitions to find out...

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Premonitions (PDF - 122kb)

Story Note

I suggest reading The Strenuous Escapade prior to this story, as Premonitions concludes the story.

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"I was one of the lucky competitions winners and after receiving my story through the post I couldn't read it fast enough! I read most of it the day i got it and finished the rest the next day I couldn't stop reading!I could picture everything in my head and even started getting a headache when Lara did after she was stranded at sea lol! I got really into the story and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, to read what was going to happen next. Premonitions was my favourite story and im going to read it again after typing this! Thank you Katie!!" - Chris

"I've just read your latest story, Premonitions, and I must say I've loved it. It is, at least to me, the best I've read from your stories, and shows a definite improvement in writing style. It is realistic, but not to the point that it becomes monotonous, and Lara is as quick and witty as ever. The quickening of pace in the dangerous situations is also very effective so that you can almost feel the tension." - Nigel

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