The Strenuous Escapade


Zip is back and he is more than thrilled to aid Lara in another adventure! Lara has been asked to test out some equpiment and the security at a compound. Together they team up to surpass lasers, security systems, guards, and much more. All is fun and games until something goes wrong and Lara’s adventure turns into a strenuous escapade.

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The Strenuous Escapade (PDF - 176kb)

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"Enjoyed this one immensely. Nice plot and exciting narrative." - George

"I've read it. It really was fantastic. I loved your descriptions, I couldn't stop reading for a second!!! Every charecter was perfectly made, and the storyline was phenominal. Well done Katie!" - Kurtis Trent

"The SE was great! I couldn't stop reading when I got the got the prize in the mail! Thanks for the great prize!" - David

"I loved the Strenuous Escape!!!! You did really well on this one! The charecters - perfect! The storyline - incredible! I read it all in one sitting, I could not stop reading it!!! Three cheers for Katie! Hip hip! Horay! Hip hip! Horay! Hip hip! Horay!" - Harry OK