Obelisk of Khamoon - Artifact #4

This screenshot shows Lara standing on the ledge where you found the large medipack and shotgun shells. The ledge with the artifact is labeled. To get there, you'll need to repeat the previous wall run to reach the nearer high ledge, just above Lara's head in the picture above.

First, jump and grapple the metal ring again. Now retract the cable so Lara's feet are just below the knees of the painted figures in the wall mural.

Practice running back and forth to test out the arc. You want to make sure Lara can reach the very top of the gray carved panel to the left of the mural. You'll need to run back and forth several times to get enough momentum to do this. If Lara doesn't reach that point when running as high as she can, stop running, adjust the length of the cable and try again. When she's able to run all the way to the top of the carved panel (indicated by the end of the arrow in the screenshot above) . . .

. . . leap off the wall and grab the ledge behind.

When making this jump, it may help to move the camera as far as possible to the left, toward the wall, so you're looking at Lara almost side-on. Press Right + Jump to make her spring off the wall and grab the ledge behind her. Alternatively, as she runs, keep the camera perpendicular to the wall, and when Lara reaches the top of the carved panel, press Back + Jump to leap and grab the ledge. This jump is quite tricky, but if you've practiced the technique in previous areas (e.g., Croft Manor and St. Francis Folly) and make sure to line things up correctly beforehand, you'll make it.

Once Lara has grabbed the ledge, pull up and turn right. Do not try to jump and grab the horizontal pole directly; it's too far. Instead jump to grab the handhold on the wall between the ledge and the pole. Climb to the right and then jump to grab the pole. It slides downward along a track in the wall, but don't worry. There's no need to hurry. Just wait until it stops moving, swing around and jump to the ledge with ARTIFACT #4 and some 50-caliber pistol ammo.

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