Lost Valley - T. Rex Battle & Adrenaline Dodge

After doing the preliminary steps to set up the adrenaline dodge move, as described in the main walkthrough—i.e., shooting the T. rex until it becomes enraged, maintaining a target lock on the enemy, making sure Lara has room to maneuver in the direction you plan to roll, and preferably setting all this up so Lara is standing in front of one of the spiked wooden barriers when the T. rex charges at her—here's how to do the actual dodge maneuver:

Stop shooting but continue to keep your weapons aimed at the T. rex. As it charges toward Lara, begin moving to the left or right. As you hold the left or right direction key (or press to the left or right on the analog stick), press Crouch (Left Shift on PC, or whatever key you assigned, Circle or B on controller). Lara will then leap to one side, keeping her guns trained on the enemy. You'll then see two separate targeting reticles converge on the T. rex's head. In order to see this, you may need to move the camera to point directly at the enemy.

When the reticles turn red and overlap (not before, not after). . .

. . . immediately shoot. If you've done everything correctly, your headshot will connect—right in the monster's eye!

Then a brief cut scene will play, in which the T. rex, dazed but not yet defeated by your bullet, finishes his charge, hitting the wall behind Lara—or, better yet, one of the spiked barriers—and hopefully losing some of its health.

You can also see the whole sequence in action in this video tutorial.

NOTE: I had to use screenshots from several different battles in order to show everything clearly. So you may notice that the ammo counts, health status and positioning aren't sequential from one shot to the next. Lara only needs to fire once while performing the dodge, as shown in the third screenshot.

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