Tomb Raider Legend: PSP Exclusive Modes and Unlockables

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The PSP version comes packed with exclusive content. There is a new game mode, called Tomb Trials, which in turn has three different game types and also offers support for two-player games over local Ad Hoc play.

It is worth noting that progress for these modes is tracked separately, so if you've cleared the main game and earned all unlockables, your save will read 100% completion—even if you haven't touched the Tomb Trials, which include their own series of rewards.

All the exclusive unlockables of this version are given out in random order, but by clearing the following requirements you will earn all of them:

Type Players Difficulty Level Reward
Master System Single Player Tier 2 Any 1 background per level
Master System Single Player Tier 2 All 3 backgrounds and 1 gallery
Treasure Hunt Single Player Bronze All 1 gallery
Treasure Hunt Single Player Silver Any 1 outfit
Treasure Hunt Single Player Gold Any 2 outfits
Treasure Hunt Head to Head Bronze All 1 gallery
Treasure Hunt Head to Head Silver Any 1 outfit
Treasure Hunt Head to Head Gold Any 2 outfits


Master System consists of eleven short, trap-focused levels and you are given a time limit to reach the end. There are actually two difficulty time trial tiers: after beating it once you are given a lower time limit to reach the end. By defeating this second tier time limit, you earn a custom background per level.

If you are skilled enough to beat the lower time on your first try, you will unlock your reward without having to play it again. Check the chart below for time requirements:

Level Tier 1 Tier 2
Zipline Dive 1:10 1:00
Column Climbing 1:20 1:00
Chainspotting 1:25 1:15
Phantom Tiles 1:20 1:05
Target Practice 1:05 0:55
Rockshock 1:50 1:35
Splice 'n' Dice 1:55 1:30
Cascade Cavern 3:15 2:45
Fiery Maze 3:05 1:50
Watergate 1:25 1:15
Surge 2:00 1:50

You unlock a custom background by defeating each Tier 2 time trial, and upon clearing all of them you are given three additional backgrounds (thus completing the set), as well as one of three exclusive concept art galleries.

As far as unlockables go, there is no need to play this type of game in multiplayer.


There are three different levels available under Treasure Hunt, each of which offers three different difficulties. The goal is to retrieve a certain number of hidden treasures within a time limit. The exact number varies depending on the difficulty level.

By playing the single-player modes, you will earn one outfit by clearing a Silver difficulty Treasure Hunt, and another two by clearing a Gold Treasure Hunt. By clearing all three levels on Bronze difficulty, you unlock a concept gallery.

When you play against a friend, the time limit is gone, and whoever collects the most treasures wins. Sadly, the only way to get all exclusive unlockables on a single save file requires you to play this mode in multiplayer, which might be a challenge in itself. If you are short of a local tomb raiding buddy with a PSP system, you might want to check the savegames page.

The two-player requirements don't differ from the single-player counterpart: win a Silver difficulty trial to unlock one outfit, and win a Gold trial to unlock the other two outfits. A concept gallery is unlocked by winning all three Bronze treasure hunts as well.

In addition to all of the outfits included in the PC/console versions, there are six outfits exclusive to the PSP version. These are pictured on the Legend Outfits page.


This mode can only be played in two-player mode. Fortunately, it has no rewards tied directly to it, although the game keeps track of how many hiding spots you've found. Generally speaking, it is a simplified version of Treasure Hunt, in which you are given a time limit to hide an artifact in one of the pre-determined spots and then whoever finds the rival's treasure first wins.

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