Nepal - Balance & Block Puzzle

To open the door at the base of the statue, you need to get the golden block up onto the golden pressure pad on the ledge using the scales hanging from the Buddha's hands, along with the medium and small blocks and Lara, herself, as counterweights.

First, face the statue and climb onto the scale platform on the right, as indicated by the arrow in the screenshot above.

Use the magnetic grapple to pull the small block onto the platform with Lara.

LGo around to the front of the ledge and climb up near the pressure pad. Then step onto the empty left platform. Lara's weight pushes it down.

Grapple the golden block and pull it onto the platform.

Now climb back onto the ledge and step onto the right platform again.

The combined weight of Lara and the small block lowers the platform to the floor. Grapple and pull the medium block onto the platform. The medium and small blocks together are heavier than the golden block.

So you can step off this platform, and the other platform with the golden block will remain level with the ledge.

Climb up and pull the golden block onto the pressure pad by hand or with the grapple.

This opens the door at the base of the ledge.

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