Valley of the Kings - Backtracking from the Level Exit on Foot

If you left the Jeep behind and reached the end of the level on foot, you'll discover it's not possible to climb the last steep hill without a vehicle. But don't worry; you can backtrack through the tunnels in order to find the Jeep—even if it's all the way back at the beginning of the level. You can also backtrack on foot if you missed any of the secrets.

Tomb Raider Last Revelation screenshot
At the bottom of the slope leading up to the level exit, there's a passageway on the right side of the tunnel. Follow it...

Tomb Raider Last Revelation screenshot the end.

Tomb Raider Last Revelation screenshotAs you emerge from the tunnel, the spike pit and concealed opening with secret #3 will be on Lara's left. If you head up the slope, cross the rock bridge spanning the pit, and continue following that road, you'll eventually get back to the end of the level.

Tomb Raider Last Revelation screenshot
If you head to the right after emerging from the tunnel, you'll eventually reach the starting area, with the vehicles and the first two secrets.

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