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Updated: 11/10/09

Secrets: 1*

(NOTE: Technically, this secret is found in the COASTAL RUINS level, but since it is only accessible through this level, it is included here.)

Follow the hall to a LARGE ROOM WITH BALCONIES AND PAINTINGS. Go up the ramp on the right (south) side of the room and up the ramp. Take the PHAROS KNOT from the pedestal. Return down the ramp to the main room. Cross to the opposite (north) side and go up that ramp.

Cut scene: Lara looks around, perhaps sensing that she's not alone. Then she begins to read one of the scrolls she finds. She is interrupted by Von Croy and some of his men. (A transcript of the dialogue appears below.) As the assassins follow Lara, Von Croy escapes through a secret panel in the wall.

Kill the 3 assassins. They come down the hallway directly in front of Lara's starting position at the end of the cut scene, so you can use a single grenade to take them out quite easily. Go back up this ramp to the room in the cut scene. Drag the lantern along the scrape marks on the floor to open the concealed door where Von Croy exited.

(NOTE: Before exiting, make sure you have the PHAROS PILLAR and PHAROS KNOT artifacts. The former is found in the previous level, THE LOST LIBRARY. The latter is found in this level.)

Go through the secret door and slide down the ramp to splash down in a small pool back at the COASTAL RUINS level. The chime sounds for secret #1 (53/70). Climb out of the water and pick up a large medipack and poisoned arrows in two corners of the room. If you like, you can pick up Von Croy's BROKEN GLASSES on the platform as well, but these serve no useful purpose. Inside the opening above the platform is a ladder. Jump up to grab it and climb to the top. Follow the hall to emerge at one of the buildings near the tide pool (marked "E" in the second diagram on the COASTAL RUINS page).

TO PHAROS, TEMPLE OF ISIS: If you have the PHAROS PILLAR and PHAROS KNOT (which you should if you've followed this walkthrough), head for the next level. Go down the beach, wade into the water past the L-shaped stone wall, and dive down. Swim through the underwater passage to the right (south) to enter PHAROS, TEMPLE OF ISIS. (This passage is marked "F" in the second diagram on the COASTAL RUINS page.)

Dialogue from cut scene in the middle of this level:

Lara (reading): The tablet was returned to the sands that spawned it, beneath the citadel. . .

Semerkhet (voice over): . . . of Saladin in ancient Cairo, foretelling the time in the distant millennia when the stars of Orion come together. The ceremony is performed and Set entombed.

Lara looks up as Von Croy and three of his assassins enter.

Von Croy: Hello, my dear. Another unannounced visit. I see you have found the scroll we unearthed. Interesting reading, ja?

Lara: Only interesting if you know what it refers to.

Von Croy: Yes, yes. Quite correct, my dear. The armor on its own is no more than a curiosity. But with the amulet and the ceremonial tablet, it becomes an important historical artifact predating the Bible by centuries.

Lara: There is more at stake here than the sum of the pieces, Von Croy. Ever heard of Armageddon? Unpleasant, even by your standards.

Von Croy: Rebinding the spirit of Set, putting the armor on the statue at midnight at the turn of the millennium, so on and such like. I was never a believer in this magical hocus pocus.

Lara makes a break, jumping off the balcony.

Von Croy: Fools! After her!

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*NOTE: There are 70 secrets in the entire game. These are marked "(x/70)" in this walkthrough. To check your progress in-game, press Pause and choose Statistics.

UPDATE HISTORY: 11/10/08 - Since people keep asking about this, I finally added a note about the broken glasses serving no purpose except perhaps to show that Von Croy passed this way.

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