Stella's Tomb Raider Last Revelation Walkthrough - Windows, Mac, PlayStation, PSP, Vita & Dreamcast


The chart and outline below show what I found to be the most economical path through the five levels in this section (without cheating and while exploring all areas). The numbered arrows follow the same sequence as the walkthroughs. For more details, refer to the complete walkthrough for each level.

flow chart for TR4 Cairo levels

Start in CITY OF THE DEAD. Explore all except the area with the second secret. (You need the nitro to jump the motorcycle across the deep pit.) Go to the CHAMBERS OF TULUN (#1 in diagram).

Explore TULUN. You can't get the ROOF KEY yet (need nitro).* Go to CITADEL GATE (2).

Explore CITADEL GATE. Get the clues for the mission from Sgt. Azizus. Pick up the NITROUS OXIDE CANISTER. Return through TULUN (3) to the TRENCHES (4).

Explore the TRENCHES. Get the WEAPON CODE KEY and VALVE PIPE. (You should now have both the NITROUS OXIDE CANISTER and VALVE PIPE. Combine these to make the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER. Attach to motorcycle for turbo power to jump larger gaps.)

Return through TULUN (5) to CITY OF THE DEAD (6) to get the second secret in that level. (Need nitro to jump the pit.)

Return to TULUN again (7) to get the ROOF KEY (Need nitro to jump to the building where the key is located.)*

Return to the TRENCHES (8) with the ROOF KEY to finish that level.*

Go to the STREET BAZAAR (9). Get the MINE DETONATOR BODY and MINE POSITION DATA. Return to the TRENCHES (10). Blow up the mines using the MINE DETONATOR BODY and MINE POSITION DATA. (Note that this exit from the STREET BAZAAR is different from where you first entered from the TRENCHES.)

After blowing the mines, proceed directly from the mined area of the TRENCHES to the CITADEL GATE (11), through a different entrance than the one from TULUN.

Return with the WEAPON CODE KEY to Sgt. Azizus in the CITADEL GATE level to finish that level. After the final cut scene, you will be in the CITADEL (12), the last level in Cairo.

(*NOTE: It is possible to complete the second half of the TRENCHES without the ROOF KEY, in which case you can skip the section of the CHAMBERS OF TULUN level where you find it. See the walkthroughs for those levels.)

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