Barkhang Monastery - Secret #2 Silver Dragon Alternate Path

After opening the trapdoor beneath the giant statue, as described in the main walkthrough, enter the small room beneath the statue, drop through the opening in the floor and follow the passage to a room with pipes and a bamboo-barred window. If you didn't obtain the Silver Dragon secret earlier, here's how to get it now:

Tomb Raider 2 screenshot
Slide down the sluice near the painted wooden door to splash down in the LARGE INDOOR POOL.

Tomb Raider 2 screenshot
Surface and turn around to face the chute and the bamboo-barred window. In the far left corner there's a small tunnel just below the walkway running around the edge of the pool. Swim inside to find SECRET #2, the Silver Dragon.

Tomb Raider 2 screenshot
Swim back out, climb out of the water and follow the walkway around the pool to the exit, which leads back to the hallway near the STORAGE ROOM.

Turn right and head back to the MAIN HALL. Return to the low-ceilinged room under the giant statue and follow the passageway below to the room with the pipes and bamboo-barred window. Now you can proceed with draining the pool.

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