Natla's Mines - Secret #3

There is a secret in this area. To find it, starting from the entrance, go to the left and follow the wall.

Take a running jump across the lava pit. Pick up the Uzi clips lying on the ground in the (northeast) corner. Turn right and continue on. About halfway up the left side of the room you'll find one pit filled with water instead of lava.

Jump in and swim down and forward, through the wooden door, which opens automatically. Pick up small and large medi packs plus some Uzi clips from the bottom. This is secret #3.

Leave the way you entered, but instead of swimming all the way out, go through the wooden door and immediately swim upward to a small room where you can surface.

Climb out onto the ledge and then follow the tunnel to an opening above the big room with the ramps. (Shoot the skateboarder from this opening if you didn't already.)

Drop down and get the Uzi clips lying on the ground just below the opening.

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