Natla's Mines - Secret #1

After getting the pistols, climb onto the roof of the building. Take a running jump to grab the edge of the opening ahead. Pull up into a tunnel.

At the top of the first slope is a raised opening on the right. Climb up and continue to a wooden door, which opens as Lara approaches and then closes behind her.

Ahead is a lava pit with sloping sides and a collapsing trapdoor. The cave with the secret is above the trapdoor on the left.

Turn around to face the wooden door. Slide down the slope and grab the edge as the trapdoor opens beneath Lara.

Pull up and the trapdoor will close again so Lara can stand on it. Climb into the opening, which is now above on the right. Secret #1 is inside, along with the switch to open the wooden door so you can get out.

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