The Lost Valley - Secret #1

About 20 walking paces from the rock archway, on the right (north) wall of the valley, is a nearly flat rock you can climb on. It is outlined in the screenshot above.

Once on top of this rock, turn left and position Lara near the middle of the block, a step or so back from the edge of the next block, which juts upward. (If Lara's feet are right against this edge, she won't be able to jump forward.) Then take a standing jump forward to grab the edge of the higher block ahead. Pull up.

sWalk to the outer corner of this ledge, then take a standing jump to grab the next ledge—the greenish, slightly angled block, a bit higher and to the left. Pull up.

Walk to the front left corner of the block and take a standing jump to grab the highest rock ledge. (This one has an angled block underneath supporting it and is outlined in the screenshot above.)

From here, a running jump—or a standing jump from the outer corner—will get Lara on the roof of the building. This is secret #1.

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