A Room in Waiting


Like thousands of others before her, and true to her adventurous nature, the indomitable Lara Croft is fascinated by the mysterious and intriguing Maya civilization, deemed one of the brightest to have ever existed. Setting out on yet another of her famous quests, Lara journeys to Tikal, one of the most glorious locales of the Maya culture. Her explorations take her deep into the thick Guatemalan jungle, through ancient temples and tombs, as she solves age-old and fascinating puzzles and collects clues. What secrets did the Maya leave hidden beneath the lush jungle and deep in the cryptic temples? Only Lara finds the true answer, and the biggest secret of all, in the hidden room in waiting.

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"I must say it's your best yet! It's the longest but once I started reading it I couldn't stop so I ended up reading it at one go. The amount of detail to the environment, as well as the fact that Lara got injured (she's not an invulnerable goddess after all, just almost) were really good, they really helped me to visualise the places, and what was occurring. One thing I particularly liked was the fact that Lara found items such as flares, medi-packs, weapons, and ammunition, something which reminded me of the games so much it was nostalgic (I could almost hear some background music playing from the games at some points, specifically the one typically played when Lara discovers a "treasure" room). And of course Lara is as witty and good at outsmarting those who stand in her way as ever." - Nigel

"Hi Katie! I just wanted to congratulate you on another incredible story! Each time you release a new story, it becomes my favorite. I didn't think they could get any better, but "A Room In Waiting" is by far my favorite story and I am sure I will read it many more times. This story is truly amazing and it really feels as though you have visited Tikal yourself! I can tell you did your research well! Congratulations!!!" - Chris