Perilous Paradise


For thousands of years, myths and legends have captivated the minds of explorers and the curious, but to this day, no one has ever discovered the truth about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Lara is convinced they exist. After travelling to Iraq, the present-day location of the ancient city, Lara must scrutinize every inch of the desert landscape if she hopes to prove the Gardens' existence. What seems an innocent search turns into a wild chase for the truth. Will Lara's adventure lead to a perfect utopian world, or will the Gardens' beauty be a fictitious shield of a perilous paradise?

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During Lara's adventure she finds something that helps her along the way. Click here to see photos of it!

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"Hi Katie! In just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your new story! I have eagerly awaited "Perilous Paradise" and have not been disappointed! Your stories get better and better. Congratulations!" - Chris Holwell

"Katie, I have to say that I loved your new story "Perilous Pardaise", I am one of the people on your mailing list so I got to read it before it came out. I think this is your best story yet, the story line was so good I read the whole story in one sitting. It was great, hope you make more stories." - Shayne

"Perilous Paradise is un-put-downable, I had to know what was going to happen next. And its by far one of the best stories yet from Katie. Her others stories were great but they don't compare to Perilous Paradise. You can see that she has improved with each great story that she writes. This is another one of my favorite stories, next to The Evil House." - Daniel