Run - and Don't Stop


One of Lara’s most horrific adventures to date. Set in Ontario, Canada, Lara travels to an old insane asylum for an innocent tour. When the power fails and everyone is stuck inside, Lara is forced to face anyone’s worst nightmare. The only way to survive is to get out before you are killed. Lara learns a new skill... Run - and Don’t Stop.

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"Awesome fics! The images that your choice of words have created are breathtaking, and your words are well chosen. I have read all of your stories. I especially enjoyed Run and Don't Stop. Gruesome, but very enjoyable. You're quite a good writer." - Laura Broadwater

"You are such a wonderful writer- I actually got scared when I read "Run- and Don’t Stop"..."I think you truly are the next J.K. Rowling. Please write more stories about Tomb Raider." - Richard

"Congrads with getting one of your stories published that must feel really good. I read one of your stories "Run and Don't Stop" and I must say that was a really good story and I mean I was glued on the screen through the whole thing." - Sabrina