A New World, a New Life


Can’t a girl have one day off to rest? Lara travels to the Bahamas for a nice relaxing vacation. Well, that’s what it was supposed to be! Turns out the Bermuda Triangle has been waiting for Lara, and it’s going to do everything it can to keep her there. Come with Lara as she discovers an entirely new existance and be with her as she fights to get out in A New World - a New Life.

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"I really, really liked Search For Delphi, the imagination was, just...I can't explain it, really. The way you incorporated the story with Set and made his sister and the board game and the traps! It was all very good, can't wait to read the next one!" "I read "A New World, A New Life," and I was absolutely amazed. The imagination you put into it was astounding! I loved the laser eye-patch, the robots, the school and the whole Bermuda Triangle idea, it was all very creative! I'm reading "Run, and Don't Stop" right now and I love it too!" - Wil

"OMG, Katie, you're such a good writer! My jaw almost got sepparated from my head when I read your stories! So creative, so well decribed, so... words are useless when it comes to your writing. You should write a book, I'm sure it'd be a best-seller :D" - Lil' Devil