Lara's Mansion - Death Trap?


Something very strange happenes to Lara’s house one day. Her house transforms into a variety of locations where she has visited before. Come with Lara as she battles her way through jungles, cities, and other dangerous places. Can she get to the end to find out what’s going on? Visit Lara’s Mansion - Death Trap to find out.

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Lara's Mansion - Death Trap? (PDF - 46kb)

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  • Arabic - Translated by Ali Zaidi
  • Czech - Translated by Esselta
  • Dutch - Translated by Suzanne Fakkert
  • Greek - Translated by Thodoris Papalas and George Tsolakidis

"Hi Katie, When I first read one of your stories (Lara's Mansion-Death Trap?) I was totally absorbed. I just couldn't stop until my Dad yelled at me to get off the computer. Love your stories; keep writing!" - Lewis Macdonald

"Well, I'm speechless...I've just read the last line of "Lara's Mansion - Death Trap?", and my head still aches from all the agony I've been through! A plethora of images and sounds 'jump' out of the text and give you the impression you're watching a movie. Oh, those sounds! "Waah! Ooh, ooh, waah!" Never 'seen' sounds before so perfectly rendered through plain words, I have to admit you're a GENIUS! I also noticed quite a few elements from the games, and that shows your loyalty and respect to what 'Tomb Raider' is. You have a great talent, and I think you should consider doing that professionally in the future." - Naughtydog