Revenge of the Aztec Gods


Imagine Lara’s excitement when she discovers an Aztec pyramid that had just risen from the ground in Mexico. Immidiately travelling there to check it out, Lara fights her way through the tombs struggling for survival.

Tension arises when two Gods come back for their revenge...and Lara’s in their way. Come on another exciting adventure with Lara to witness the Revenge of the Aztec Gods!

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Revenge of the Aztec Gods (PDF - 42kb)

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  • Arabic - Translated by Ali Zaidi
  • Czech - Translated by Esselta
  • Dutch - Translated by Suzanne Fakkert
  • Greek - Translated by Thodoris Papalas and George Tsolakidis
  • Japanese - Translated by Lachlan Sinn

"Just finished "Revenge of the Aztec Gods", and thought 'that's how I like it!'. Simplicity, rawness, and passion are perfectly balanced throughout the whole story. It feels more mature and cinematic! Straight from the beginning I have still got images spinning in my mind like the sequence of Albert waiting for Lara to get into the plane, or later when they grab the parachutes and go down. Yet again, the action is fast and that keeps the reader in suspense. Just like playing TR for real. What a bloody good level could that be! The gore level is high as well and I love that...Overall, it was really a pleasure to read and I'm looking forward to reading the next." - Naughtydog

"Just to say I very much enjoyed reading your Tomb Raider stories Katie. You really have a talent and I'd love to buy your published stories. Reading the stories is like actually playing one of the TR games, you've really captured Lara and you describe it all so well. Can't wait for the next story." - Rose