The Evil House


Travel to Asia with Lara where she investigates a haunted mansion. Keep your senses sharp with each corner you turn and every closet you open. Terror lurkes all around as she fights to learn the truth about the Evil House.

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The Evil House (PDF - 45kb)

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  • Arabic - Translated by Ali Zaidi
  • Czech - Translated by Esselta
  • Dutch - Translated by Suzanne Fakkert
  • Greek - Translated by Thodoris Papalas and George Tsolakidis
  • Japanese - Translated by Lachlan Sinn

"I thought the story was very interesting and imaginative, quite scary and also funny in places. It was also very gory - the Shadow was certainly one evil entity!!! It shows a great overall observation of Lara and the Tomb Raider games - you've certainly done your homework there - it's almost like playing a Tomb Raider game. Well done, keep up the good work!" - Susie Hamilton (Core Design)

"Well Katie what I can say, the story is fantastic. It's compelling, original, dark and perfect for adventure with you keeping very loyal to Lara and her behavioural patterns. There was also humour, of a dark nature in the use of "fingers" to destroy the shadow. References to the game fitted in and it was the right legnth, not an epic and not a synopsis. My advice to you would be to keep writing fantasy/adventure stories. Whilst you have it set around Tomb Raider, your style of writing could be used for many different stories with slight changes to characters and destinations. Well done again for what is a credible piece of literature that you should be very proud of." - Gary Reading (Core Design)