The Angel of Darkness includes no official 'secrets' but it's still a worthy challenge for the no-loads, no-meds runner. We have just added a category for it here, so if you'd like to attempt a run, or if you have tips for other runners, we encourage you to join the Discord server linked below.


Level 1: Parisian Back Streets
Level 2: Derelict Apartment Block
Level 3: Industrial Rooftops
Level 4: Margot Carvier's Apartment
Level 5: Parisian Ghetto
Level 6: The Serpent Rouge
Level 7: St. Aicard's Graveyard
Level 8: Bouchard's Hideout
Level 9: Louvre Storm Drains
Level 10: Louvre Galleries
Level 11: Archaeological Dig
Level 12: Tomb of the Ancients
Level 13: The Hall of Seasons
Level 14: The Breath of Hades
Level 15: Neptune's Hall
Level 16: The Sanctuary of Flame
Level 17: Wrath of the Beast
Level 18: Galleries Under Siege
Level 19: Von Croy's Apartment


Level 20: The Monstrum Crime Scene
Level 21: The Strahov Fortress
Level 22: Bio-Research Facility
Level 23: The Sanitarium
Level 24: Maximum Containment Area
Level 25: Aquatic Research Area
Level 26: The Vault of Trophies
Level 27: Boaz Returns
Level 28: The Lost Domain
Level 29: Eckhardt's Lab

Technical Support

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Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness on PC


NLNM – Tomb Raider AOD – Tutorial Videos

TR1 NLNMAS video
TR1 NLNMAS video

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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame: Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (2003)

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Player's Name Type Platform Time Date Link to Video Specifics
Ulthimas Speedrun PC 2h41m32s 09/05/2020 🎬 Watch here First known recorded successful NLNMAS of Angel of Darkness
PainOfWar Casual PC 3h04m31s 19/03/2021 🎬 Watch here
NaBu1908 Casual PC 3h22m58s 08/09/2021 🎬 Watch here Is with completing this challenge the first person known who have succeeded in NLNMAS challenges for all Tomb Raider games; Game crashed in Strahov Fortress after the cutscene where the Proto is released.


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