Tomb Raider V: Chronicles NLNMAS might be shorter but contains multiple challenges that require a lot of patience and practice to complete. Tomb Raider V is split into different chapters, covering various moments of Lara's life. That means your inventory, weapons and ammunitions are reset at the end of each chapter. Tomb Raider V is known for having a few glitches, especially in the last levels, when loading/saving the game. Since the challenge forbids any loading, the issue shouldn't impact it. However if you need to keep a save for your practice, remember about these issues.

WARNING! The PC version is prone to crashing in Escape with the Iris, just before entering the elevator. When entering the elevator through the trapdoor on the ceiling, you press a button to get out, walk slowly to not get noticed, and press the button outside to reach the next elevator. We recommend saving and reloading the game before entering the next elevator. This prevents the game from crashing. This is the ONLY EXCEPTION to the No-Loads rule.

Level 1: Streets of Rome = 3 secrets
Level 2: Trajan's Markets = 3 secrets
Level 3: The Colosseum = 3 secrets

Level 4: The Base = 3 secrets
Level 5: The Submarine = 3 secrets
Level 6: Deepsea Dive = 1 secret
Level 7: Sinking Sub = 2 secrets

Level 8: Gallows Tree = 3 secrets
Level 9: Labyrinth = 3 secrets
Level 10: Old Mill = 3 secrets

Level 11: 13th Floor = 3 secrets
Level 12: Escape with the Iris = 3 secrets
Level 13: Red Alert! = 3 secrets

Total = 36 secrets

Technical Support

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Tomb Raider Chronicles on PC
Tomb Raider Chronicles on PS1 (Emulator)
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RESOURCES for speedrun this game:

Tomb Raider Chronicles Auto Splitter


NLNMAS – Tomb Raider Chronicles – Tutorial Videos

TR1 NLNMAS video
TR1 NLNMAS video

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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame: Tomb Raider V Chronicles (2000)

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Player's Name Type Category Platform Time Date Link to Video Specifics
NaBu1908 NLNMAS Casual PC 2h57m42s 06/10/2018 🎬 Watch here First known recorded successful NLNMAS of Chronicles.
Erackk NLNMAS Speedrun PC 2h55m04s 08/08/2019 🎬 Watch here
Badassgamez NLNMAS Casual PC 2h55m55s 13/09/2020 🎬 Watch here
PainOfWar NLNMAS Casual PC 3h13m32s 02/03/2021 🎬 Watch here
Anopob NLNMAS Speedrun PC 2h55m04s 28/04/2021 🎬 Watch here
Bl4deMast3r NLNMAS Casual PC 3h56m38s 03/07/2021 🎬 Watch here Game constantly crashed at the Iris cutscene in 13th floor. Streamer had to restart the PC to fix this problem.
RandoCampo NLNMAS Speedrun PC 3h03m03s 10/04/2022 🎬 Watch here
DoggettDouglasMcDog NLNM Casual PC 2h23m49s 25/06/2022 🎬 Watch here Game crashed numerous times after the crash in Escape with the Iris.
DoggettDouglasMcDog NLNMAS Casual PC 2h20m43s 30/06/2022 🎬 Watch here A mod was used to skip in-game cutscenes and showing healthbars of enemies.
JaySamuel NLNMAS Casual PC 2h37m50s 27/08/2022 🎬 Watch here TR5 Main + Cutscene skipper


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