Tomb Raider III Lost Artifact is much easier to complete as NLNMAS than the main game. There is no such part in this game like the diving section in RX-Tech Mines. Still you have to be careful if you want to succeed.

Level 1: Highland Fling = 3 secrets
Level 2: Willard's Lair = 3 secrets

Channel Tunnel
Level 3: Shakespeare's Cliff = 3 secrets
Level 4: Sleeping with the Fishes = 3 secrets

Level 5: It's a Madhouse! = 3 secrets
Level 6: Reunion =0 Secrets

Total = 15 secrets

Technical Support

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Tomb Raider III Gold on PC

RESOURCES for speedrunning this challenge

Tomb Raider III Auto Splitter


NLNMAS – Tomb Raider 3 The Lost Artifact – Tutorial Videos

TR1 NLNMAS video
TR1 NLNMAS video

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Hall of Fame

Tomb Raider 3: The Lost Artifact Hall of Fame

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Player's Name Type Category Time Date Link to Video Specifics
NaBu1908 NLNMAS Casual 1h01m22s 21/06/2018 🎬 Watch here First known recorded successful attempt of TR3 Lost Artifact
Tomb Explorer NLNMAS Speedrun 1h01m22s 12/04/2021 🎬 Watch here
Sir Studs NLNMAS Casual 47m07s 26/05/2021 🎬 Watch here
mellow1982 NLNM Speedrun 25m30s 09/06/2021 🎬 Watch here WR for this challenge
PainOfWar NLNMAS Casual 55m30s 19/06/2021 🎬 Watch here Is with completing this game the first person who did all Tomb Raider games of the Core Design era as NLNMAS.


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