Tomb Raider II Golden Mask is a bit easier to do than the main game, but still very tricky and it can be difficult in some parts. For the completion of the challenge you only have to finish the four main levels. The bonus level Nightmare in Vegas is optional, but it will be noted in this Hall of Fame if you completed this level

Many people have issues to unlock the bonus level, because of the usage of TR2.exe. If you use TR2.exe some enemies like wolves and bears also don't work correctly. To avoid this, it is best to use a TR2gold.exe. In case you are not able to do it, it is allowed to use a save file of Nightmare in Vegas at the beginning of the level.

Aleutian Islands
Level 1: Cold War = 3 secrets
Level 2: Fool's Gold = 3 secrets
Level 3: Furnace of the Gods = 3 secrets
Level 4: Kingdom = 3 secrets

Bonus Level
Level 5: Nightmare in Vegas = 3 secrets

Total = 12 secrets (plus 3 secrets from the bonus level)

Technical Support

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Tomb Raider II Gold on PC

RESOURCES for speedrunning this challenge

Tomb Raider II Auto Splitter


NLNMAS – Tomb Raider 2 Golden Mask – Tutorial Videos

TR1 NLNMAS video
TR1 NLNMAS video

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Hall of Fame

Tomb Raider 2: Golden Mask Hall of Fame

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Player's Name Type Category Nightmare in Vegas Time Date Link to Video Specifics
NaBu1908 NLNMAS Speedrun Done with All Secrets in 15m28s 58m51s 18/01/2019 🎬 Watch here First known recorded successful attempt of TR2 Gold
Anopob NLNMAS Speedrun Done with All Secrets in 10m50s 43m51s 26/08/2019 🎬 Watch here
TombExplorer NLNMAS Speedrun Done with All Secrets in 14m36s 1h00m16s 10/02/2020 🎬 Watch here
Sir Studs NLNMAS Casual Done with All Secrets in 14m50s 58m33s 22/04/2021 🎬 Watch here
PainOfWar NLNMAS Casual Done with All Secrets in 16m35s 1h09m05s 06/06/2021 🎬 Watch here
DoggettDouglasMcDog NLNM Casual 54m49s 21/04/2022 🎬 Watch here tr2main for PS visuals
DoggettDouglasMcDog NLNMAS Casual Done with All Secrets in 24m51s 1h13m59s 22/04/2022 🎬 Watch here tr2main for PS visuals
RandoCampo NLNMAS Speedrun Done with All Secrets in 13m39s 1h00m09s 30/04/2022 🎬 Watch here
Nismo63x NLNM Casual 2h21m09s 07/05/2022 🎬 Watch here
DJ_Full NLNM Casual 46m34s 17/05/2022 🎬 Watch here
Nismo63xNLNMASCasual 1h49m26s05/06/2022 🎬 Watch here
NaBu1908 NLNMAS Pistols Only 1h12min01sec + 17min58sec Vegas 21/05/2022 🎬 Watch here
The13thElysium NLNMAS Pistols Only 1h27m36s 25/10/2022 🎬 Watch here


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