Tomb Raider II NLNMAS gets a bit more difficult. Lara now has flares and new weapons. There are three secrets in almost every level, Jade dragon, Silver dragon, Gold dragon. You will find here a few tips and videos to help you through this challenge. The last level, Home Sweet Home, must be also completed to finish the challenge.

Additional info for Pistols-Only players: combat usage of the enemy snowmobile in Tibetan Foothills is not allowed.

Level 1: Great Wall = 3 secrets

Level 2: Venice = 3 secrets
Level 3: Bartoli's Hideout = 3 secrets
Level 4: Opera House = 3 secrets

Level 5: Offshore Rig = 3 secrets
Level 6: Diving Area = 3 secrets
Level 7: 40 Fathoms = 3 secrets
Level 8: Wreck of the Maria Doria = 3 secrets
Level 9 : Living Quarters = 3 secrets
Level 10: The Deck = 3 secrets

Level 11: Tibetan Foothills = 3 secrets
Level 12: Barkhang Monastery = 3 secrets
Level 13: Catacombs of the Talion = 3 secrets
Level 14: Ice Palace = 3 secrets

Level 15: Temple of Xian = 3 secrets
Level 16: Floating Islands = 3 secrets
Level 17: The Dragon's Lair = None

Home Sweet Home = None

Total = 48 secrets

Technical Support

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Tomb Raider II on PC
Tomb Raider II on PS1 (Emulator)
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RESOURCES for speedrunning this game

Tomb Raider II Auto Splitter


Casual NLNMAS – Tomb Raider 2 – Tutorial Videos

TR1 NLNMAS video
TR1 NLNMAS video

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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame: Tomb Raider II (1997)

(Click column headers to sort table by name, platform, etc.)

Player's Name Type Category Platform Time Date Link to Video Specifics
Kaickness NLNMAS Casual PC 6h45m48s 15/03/2015 🎬 Watch here and here and here and here First known recorded successful NLNMAS of TR 2. Because of stream issues, some parts of the level Barkhang Monastery are missing.
Pi Gamer NLNMAS Casual PC 3h37m15s 18/05/2015 🎬 Watch here
Draris Gamer NLNMAS Casual PC 6h54m14s 07/06/2015 🎬 Watch here and here and here and here
ActionTurnip217 (1st run) NLNMAS Casual PC 4h41m28s 30/11/2015 🎬 Watch here
Raskkii NLNMAS Casual PC 5h42m34s 12/06/2016 🎬 Watch here
ActionTurnip217 (2nd run) NLNMAS Casual PC 3h49m46s 22/08/2016 🎬 Watch here
Drayuu NLNMAS Casual PC 5h25m36s 22/04/2018 🎬 Watch here
NaBu1908 (1st run) NLNMAS Casual PC 5h05m52s 08/05/2018 🎬 Watch here
Nenad NLNMAS Speedrun PC 3h52m09s 30/08/2018 🎬 Watch here
Erackk NLNMAS Casual PS 1 4h58m49s 31/08/2018 🎬 Watch here
Badassgamez NLNMAS Casual PC 5h04m19s Second half of 2018 🎬 Watch here
NaBu1908 (2nd run) NLNMAS Speedrun PC 3h40m49s 25/03/2019 🎬 Watch here Arsunt Patch was used.
Casual Niz NLNMAS Casual PC 6h42m36s 01/07/2019 🎬 Watch here Played this challenge dev-intended. Killed T-Rexes in open battle.
Killer__Gameplayz NLNMAS Speedrun PC 4h52m49s 07/08/2019 🎬 Watch here Video is private, maybe contact uploader.
Eycore NLNMAS Casual PC 3h46m01s 25/08/2019 🎬 Watch here
DJ_full NLNMAS Speedrun PC 3h40m49s 07/09/2019 🎬 Watch here Arsunt Patch was used.
Makeal (1st run) NLNMAS Speedrun PC 2h36m07s 28/09/2019 🎬 Watch here
Makeal (2nd run) NLNM Speedrun PC 1h55m19s 05/10/2019 🎬 Watch here
TombExplorer NLNMAS Speedrun PC 4h11m06s 20/12/2019 🎬 Watch here
Frieden_x NLNMAS Casual PC 4h58m45s 23/12/2019 🎬 Watch here
Naitoraven951 NLNMAS Speedrun PS1 4h39m06s 23/05/2020 🎬 Watch here
Nondescript Midnight NLNMAS Speedrun PC 4h00m42s 27/05/2020 🎬 Watch here Arsunt Patch was used.
PainOfWar NLNMAS Casual PC 5h07m51s 24/11/2020 🎬 Watch here
Sir Studs NLNMAS Casual PC 4h38m25s 14/12/2020 🎬 Watch here
Anopob NLNMAS Speedrun PC 3h12m01s 27/12/2020 🎬 Watch here
BurnHeartGames NLNMAS Casual PC 6h07m16s 07/01/2021 🎬 Watch here Arsunt Patch was used.
Zenuriko NLNMAS Casual PC 5h20m59s 20/04/2021 🎬 Watch here
RandoCampo NLNMAS Casual PC 4h53m33s 26/04/2021 🎬 Watch here Arsunt Patch was used.
Ankylostoma NLNMAS Casual PC 4h43m43s 16/05/2021 🎬 Watch here
Eezalee NLNMAS Casual PC 6h14m50s 26/05/2021 🎬 Watch here
Chiburu NLNMAS Casual PC 5h28m11s 28/05/2021 🎬 Watch here Arsunt Patch was used.
RicardoDelJuego NLNMAS Speedrun PC 2h33m48.32s 20/07/2021 🎬 Watch here
easygamer1989 NLNMAS Casual PC 4h41m18s 17/10/2021 🎬 Watch here
Dunelowe NLNMAS Casual PS1 5h46m53s 02/01/2022 🎬 Watch here
Bru_Dancer NLNM Casual PC 4h42m10s 28/01/2022 🎬 Watch here NLNMAS except from Ice Palace jade dragon, unlocked but not taken.
Bru_Dancer NLNMAS Casual PC 4h57m35s 01/02/2022 🎬 Watch here
Nismo63x NLNM Casual PC 6h53m18s 03/02/2022 🎬 Watch here Dev-intended. Arsunt Patch was used.
MayCauseSTDs NLNMAS Speedrun PC 3h37m41.25s 04/02/2022 🎬 Watch here
DoggettDouglasMcDog NLNMAS Casual PC 4h22m59s 23/04/2022 🎬 Watch here tr2main for PS visuals
Zenuriko NLNM Casual PC 3h12m22s 28/04/2022 🎬 Watch here
Nismo63x NLNMAS Casual PC 6h49m03s 19/07/2022 🎬 Watch here Dev-intended. tr2main for PS visuals
ThatGuyAlexier NLNMAS Casual PC 4h53m11s 28/08/2022 🎬 Watch here
Rap_WiNs NLNMAS Casual PC 4h55m25s 22/09/2022 🎬 Watch here Pistols Only
Rap_WiNs NLNMAS Casual PC 4h20m01s 22/09/2022 🎬 Watch here NLNMAS
NaBu1908 NLNMAS Pistols-Only PC 4h24m41s 20/09/2022 🎬 Watch here TR2Main


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