Lost City of Tinnos:
Corner Bug Method for Getting Secret #2

If you're unfamiliar with the corner bug (a.k.a. jump trick), I encourage you to check out my useful bugs page, which includes a video of this sequence. Basically you want to use the corner bug to get up onto the ledge opposite the opening with the ladder. Because of the small depression in the floor at the outside corner of the ledge, I've found that a combination of the standard and crawling versions of the corner bug seems to work best here. Special thanks to Stiletto for discovering the crawling corner bug and suggesting the corner bug to solve the ethereal block bug problem. Sometimes you've got to fight bugs with bugs!

(1) Position Lara at the corner of the block supporting the ledge as shown. (NOTE: If you've never used this bug and need tips on positioning, see my useful bugs page.)


(2) Jump straight up and down until Lara's left arm and foot disappear into the block texture.

(3) At this point, crouch.


(4) Tap the forward key once so Lara goes down on her hands and knees.

(5) Release the crouch key, and the corner bug will cause Lara to spring up onto the ledge. Now you can follow the ledges around toward the opening to the secret area and take a running jump to get inside.

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