Lost City of Tinnos - Secret #1

(1) The wasp hive, high on the right as you come out onto the bridge. This is your goal.


(2) When you reach the gap in the bridge, turn left and take a running jump to grab the opening of the snowy alcove containing a save/power-up crystal.

(3) Come out of the alcove and jump onto the top of the pile of snow at the left side of the opening (when facing the bridge).


(4) Grab the stone ledge above and pull up.

(5) From here, face the bridge and look up beyond the arch on the right. You'll be able to see the HIVE from here. First, take a running jump to grab the left archway, then pull up.

(6) From the corner where you're standing, angle Lara to face the left corner of the opposite arch. Take a running jump to land on the first invisible block.

(7) Take a standing jump from the edge of the invisible block to the corner of the arch.


(8) Back up to the edge (the hive is on your left) and take a standing jump-grab over the peak to the other triangular flat spot.

(9) Turn left toward the hive opening. Take a standing jump from the edge to the next invisible platform. Take a final running jump into the hive opening.

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